Thursday, April 30, 2009

Strike Up The Band

Finding our band (or DJ) was Mr Frenchie responsibility, so right after we decided to have the wedding at the Bernardo Winery, he went to task. The first email Mr Frenchie sent me was for an awesome "crooner", David Patrone.

Mr Frenchie and I love Frank SinatraMichael Buble and Jamie Cullem (to name a few). (We always joke about whether we could afford to hire Michael Buble if we just got married in a tiny chapel in Vegas). Through David's website and MySpace page we were able to give him a listen and agreed we HAD to have him! Go ahead and pop over to their website, I'll wait... 

Our problem, however, was we weren't sure he'd fit in our budget.* I'm of the belief that it doesn't hurt to ask (in most cases), but after our first conversation with David's rep, Jeff, our answer was no. We had alotted about half of what they normally charge, a bummer, but we understood. David and his Quartet play all over San Diego and at swing competitions. 

Turns out, it didn't hurt to ask because about 2 weeks later we had a message from Jeff saying they would drop their price. I immediately called them back to make sure we weren't dreaming. I could not believe our luck! They were including everything, the WHOLE DAY! David Patrone, the quartet and a DJ for after dinner dancing. Jeff emailed me a contract, Papa Frenchie looked it over and by the next Friday we had everything booked - Ceremony and cocktail music, David singing during dinner and Jeff DJ'ing after. 

*Since my parents have generously offered to pay for our wedding I don't think it is my place to discuss our budget because it involves my parent's finances and not mine. I will say that I believe our budget is average but flexible, however I am trying my best stay within it as much as possible.

Are you getting any deals because it didn't hurt to ask? Are you having a DJ or a band? or both?

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