Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ornamental Inspiration: Frechie Edition

Every year for Christmas my mom used to let my sister and I pick out a new ornament for the tree. I look back at all the ornaments I chose when I was little and realize I was WAY more into the 'Bling' as a little girl. My Christmas Ornament inspiration board is in honor of that little girl, because she would have LOVED this ornament I found on Etsy by slvilov.

The current me loves this ornament because made or re-purposed materials, old jewelry. A few semesters ago I took an Ecology class in school and made a lamp out of my mom's old jewelry from the 80's. I didn't take a picture but this ornament looks a lot like my lamp.

Now for the board...

Happy Holidays Hive :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Frenchie Kisses: Coming down the Aisle

In the nine months we were engaged I put WAY more thought into what shoes I would wear (funny because I ended up wearing a pair I already owned) than how we all would get down the aisle. In fact, the night of the rehearsal while my poor DOC was stuck in traffic, I used my sister's notepad and pen to figure out who and in what order people would get down, and back up the aisle. Ooops. A little advice, if I may, make sure to figure this out before the rehearsal, that way you can make sure everyone you need comes to the rehearsal... we were missing a couple people, mainly FIL Frenchie and SMIL Frenchie. Ooops, again.

Luckily we are all pretty intelligent people and it all came together the day of. Thanks to our DOC for rounding everyone up!

Here we go... I waited, and trying to relax, out of sight while Papa Frenchie escorted Mama Frenchie down the aisle.

But first, MIL Frenchie and her husband, SFIL Frenchie...

FIL Frenchie and his wife, SMIL Frenchie...

Mama and Papa Frenchie...

As Papa Frenchie came back to get me the Bridesmaids song started up. I had asked for the band to play an instrumental version of The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun, but something got lost in translation in our emails and they played the real thing. At first I was upset, but everyone told me how much they loved it and now that I look back it was perfect.

Here's the song to set the mood...

BM Jane, my BFF since 4th grade...

Yep, I've known Jane for 20 years! Jane became my friend back when I had a perm and wore leggings with stirrups. I remember always being jealous of all the different jeans she owned, when I only had ONE PAIR. We've been friends through National Charity League, band (we both played the flute), Prom, college, family deaths, marriages, diabetes and the birth of her adorable son, Liam.

Janey is one of the most genuine, sweet and caring people I know. I rarely hear her say a mean thing about anyone. I could not be more proud to call her my Bestie.

BM Feli, my BFF since college and college roomie...

Feli and I met our second year at LMU. One night when I was walking down the hall and saw her walking with a guy wearing one shoe. Since my roommate had run into our room early and hide a shoe, I had a feeling they were looking for the shoe in my room. We hit it off immediately. I was a Film major and she was a Screen Writing major. She had a crush on a guy and I had dated him - it was my mission to talk her out if it, because he was bad news. We were BFF from the start!

Feli is one of those friends who is always honest with you. I may not want to hear what she has to say sometimes, but she keeps me in check... much like Mr Frenchie. Feli and I could also spend an entire evening quoting Friends episodes, You've Got Mail and Tommy Boy. We crack each other UP!

Sister Frenchie, my 'little' sister (she's taller than me)...

Although I always tease her about being born and stealing my Barbie room, my sister is THE BEST! We get along better than any 2 siblings should... well now. Like most siblings we went through those times when we found the other annoying etc. But ever since I went away to college Jen has been my best friend. No matter what, we can yell at each other and then cry about it, hug and make up.

We don't think we look a thing alike but people know we're sisters once we start talking. I was at the salon getting my hair done one day and the stylist in the chair next to me said, "Do you have a sister? Is her name Jennifer?" She had gone to Jr High with my sister and knew we had to be related based on my mannerisms.

Jen is the smartest and most hard working girl I know. I could not be more proud to call her my sister and my best friend.

After all my ladies were down the aisle the song switched to another Beatles tune, Till There Was You. I knew I wanted to use this song the second I read Mrs Taffy's post, Thank you Taffy!

We checked my train...

My Dad told a couple of very late guests to take their seat.

Thumbs down means, don't stand and wait for us at the beginning of the aisle, get your butt to your seat like everyone else.

And we walked...
He smiled, the biggest smile I've ever seen...

And everyone stood up. Let me tell you, I completely forgot everyone would stand up when I started down the aisle - WOW!! Everyone stood up and smiled at me, some were crying and some just looked so happy for us. The amount of LOVE I felt at that moment is indescribable.

Papa Frenchie and I met Mr Frenchie and our officiant, Leanne, at the 'alter'.
I gave Papa Frenchie a hug...

And we were really to GET MARRIED!

Up Next: The Ceremony

So Far...
The Beginning
Gettin' Sassy
Me & My Bridesmaids
Mr Frenchie's Morning
Waiting to go down the aisle

***Note: All photos, unless otherwise noted, are by the fabulously talented, and super awesome to know, Ohana Photographers***

Monday, December 7, 2009

Frenchie Kisses: Waiting to go Down the Aisle

About 30 minutes before our ceremony my dad drove me over to our venue. Don't tell the police but I didn't wear my seatbelt. I ran the newspaper headline through my head, "Bride flies through windshield on her way to the ceremony" and told my dad to drive as slowly as he needed too! We weren't going far, but aren't those 'famous last words'.

My DOC made sure Mr Frenchie couldn't see me while Papa Frenchie dropped me off in the back parking lot and I walked, by myself, to the Bridal Room. As independent as I think I am, I should have waited for my dad or bridesmaids to walk with me. I was a ball of emotions at this point and a group of drunken Frat boys sing the Wedding March about made me chuck my bouquet at them. I managed to hold on to my bouquet and duck into the Bridal Room and my dad followed shortly.

While I tried to relax with my bridesmaids our guests started to mill around outside.

My Parent's friends...

My friends...

The ladies from Church...

SIL Frenchie and her boyfriend, Mark...

and friends from when we lived in Dallas...

As is got closer to "THE TIME" I tied Mr Frenchie's ring around Sister Frenchie's wrist.

You may remember Mr Frenchie and I decided not to have children in our wedding, this meant Sister Frenchie was in charge of Mr Frenchie's ring. Using some left over ribbon from our OOT bags Mama Frenchie came up with the genius idea to tie it around Sister Frenchie's wrist, because it was WAY too big for here to wear around her thumb and she didn't want to drop it.

Next, Sister Frenchie helped me with my garters...

and re-lacing my dress.

I put my shoes on all by myself ;-)

And we're ready to go!

Up Next: Walking down the aisle.

***Note: All photos, unless otherwise noted, are by the fabulously talented, and super awesome to know, Ohana Photographers***

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hey Internets, I'm married!

By now I'm sure most of you have see the YouTube video of the groom who updates his Facebook status DURING his weeding.

If you haven't seen it here it is:

This video reminded me of a similar video I saw shortly after I met Melissa McClure. If you remember she Tweeted at her wedding.

In both cases I was surprised at how well their spouses accepted the interruption. Melissa's husband is so cute waiting for her to Tweet and kept her phone in his pocket.

Mr Frenchie (and Mama Frenchie) would have killed me if I did this! I did however update my Facebook status and Tweet the next morning.

In the age of instant gratification, how long do you think you'll take to tell the world you're married?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Cheesy Bar Joke...

Four Dogs and a shoe walk into a bar while it's Sprinkling. Yep, another cheesy Weddingbee inspired bar joke with no punchline.

With my finals a week away, (anyone want to do my Residential Design boards for me? You get to use spray adhesive?) this weekend I got to take a much needed break with five lovely Bees. Miss Poodle (and Mr Poodle), Mrs Peep Toe, Mrs Sprinkle and Miss Spaniel and I met for Margaritas, Guacamole and other Mexican goodies on Sunday.

Photo by Mrs Sprinkle

With flaming margaritas, we celebrated Miss Poodle's arrival to California, Mrs Peep Toe being in LA and Miss Spaniel becoming a Bee!

Photo by Mr Poodle (via Mrs Sprinkle's camera)

It was fun to hear to compare wedding days, with Mrs Peep Toe and Mrs Sprinkle, hear more planning stories from The Poodles and Miss Spaniel. A special thank you to Mr Poodle for 'talking wedding' for 2 hrs! and an extra special GET WELL SOON to Mrs Meatball, who was too sick to make it with Mr Meatball.

Thanks for meeting up ladies!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Frenchie Kisses: Mr Frenchie's Morning

My favorite part of most recaps is seeing what the boys are up to when the girls are running around getting pretty and taking pictures. In most cases the Bride has to wake-up earlier because it takes us ladies so much longer to get ready. Heck, I had to be laced into my dress! That alone takes longer than putting a suit on, right?

Although, I have no clue how long it takes to get a pocket square just right.

The day of, I had a hint as to what Mr Frenchie was up to the morning of our wedding. My Uncle called to get his cell phone number and that is when I found out Mr Frenchie was trying to get his shoes shinned. Groomsman JP stopped by our parents room a few hours later to drop of a bouquet of flowers from Mr Frenchie, so I knew he'd been to the store. But, other than that, I didn't know what he was up too until I saw these pictures.

Have a told you all how much I LOVE the country look of our venue? Because I love it! The French Bulldog style is very modern most days, but we like to think we're 'A little bit Country and a little bit Rock N Roll Modern' and we think our wedding definitely showed that.

Boys are silly!

They even shared wine for those pre-ceremony jitters. Mr Frenchie was so worried about standing up in front of all those people during the ceremony. I'm really glad Groomsman JP got them a bottle to share.

I promise, he shared. See?

Is your groom nervous about being in front of all those people?

***Note: All photos, unless otherwise noted, are by the fabulously talented, and super awesome to know, Ohana Photographers***

Up Next: Getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Frenchie Kisses: Me and My Bridesmaids

In the last post, I promised you more pictures of your's truly, so here it goes.
After taking pre-ceremony pictures with my family, my bridesmaids and I headed inside, out of the heat, and back to the lobby.

The photographers set me up on a bench opposite the front desk and had me strike a couple poses.
I'm the first at admit I'm not very good a "serious" pictures, but a couple of these shots turned out to be some of Mr Frenchie's favorites.

I felt kind of like a celebrity posing in the lobby as people checked in. A lot of guest stopped to congratulate me and tell my how pretty I looked.

Mr Frenchie gave me that silver Tiffany bracelet for the first of my birthday's we celebrated. I wear it everyday! Just goes to show, you don't need to buy new schmancy jewelery.

Lastly, my bridesmaids and I posed for a few shots together. Look how good we are at ignoring each other ;-)

We're so fierce!

Exhausted from acting all fierce and taking so many pictures, the Frenchie BMs and I went back to my parents room for sandwiches.

Up Next: What has Mr Frenchie been up to?

***Note: All photos, unless otherwise noted, are by the fabulously talented, and super awesome to know, Ohana Photographers***