Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Frenchie Kisses: Mr Frenchie's Morning

My favorite part of most recaps is seeing what the boys are up to when the girls are running around getting pretty and taking pictures. In most cases the Bride has to wake-up earlier because it takes us ladies so much longer to get ready. Heck, I had to be laced into my dress! That alone takes longer than putting a suit on, right?

Although, I have no clue how long it takes to get a pocket square just right.

The day of, I had a hint as to what Mr Frenchie was up to the morning of our wedding. My Uncle called to get his cell phone number and that is when I found out Mr Frenchie was trying to get his shoes shinned. Groomsman JP stopped by our parents room a few hours later to drop of a bouquet of flowers from Mr Frenchie, so I knew he'd been to the store. But, other than that, I didn't know what he was up too until I saw these pictures.

Have a told you all how much I LOVE the country look of our venue? Because I love it! The French Bulldog style is very modern most days, but we like to think we're 'A little bit Country and a little bit Rock N Roll Modern' and we think our wedding definitely showed that.

Boys are silly!

They even shared wine for those pre-ceremony jitters. Mr Frenchie was so worried about standing up in front of all those people during the ceremony. I'm really glad Groomsman JP got them a bottle to share.

I promise, he shared. See?

Is your groom nervous about being in front of all those people?

***Note: All photos, unless otherwise noted, are by the fabulously talented, and super awesome to know, Ohana Photographers***

Up Next: Getting ready to walk down the aisle.

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