Monday, November 2, 2009

Frenchie Kisses: We're Good to Go

Last week our photographers stopped by our apartment on their way back from Disneyland for Kimi's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMI!) and dropped off this...

a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, our favorite.

And this...

A 11x17 print of our FAVORITE shot of the day!

And this...

Can you guess what was inside?

Sorry, I'm a sucker for packaging.

Our discs are here!

I can't get over the awesomeness of our disc holder and Mr Frenchie loves that you can see my smiling face on the first disc. Isn't my husband sweet?

I can't wait to start recapping our wedding for you guys, but please bear with me if it's a little slow coming. This is the part of my quarter at school when things start to get crazy :-/ Believe me I would much rather recap my wedding than do homework.

Lastly, on a somewhat random, yet kind of related topic, here is another example of why we think our photographers are the coolest!

David's Halloween costume!

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  1. Gahhhh excitement! The packaging IS divine! I'm such a sucker for it're not alone!