Thursday, October 15, 2009

Frenchiemoon: Vermont, Part 3 - The End

Mr Frenchie and I both agree that our last day in Vermont was the BEST day of our honeymoon.

When we knew we'd be starting and ending our honeymoon in Vermont, Mr Frenchie tried to find a way for us boat around Lake Champlain... in hopes of seeing Champ. Sea Monsters have been an inside joke between Mr Frenchie and I since we started dating and the Vermont Uhaul seems to follow us wherever we go.

Mr Frenchie found a Lake cruise called The Spirit of Ethan Allen III. We took the "Lunch-On-The-Lake Cruise" - a 1 1/2 Hour Narrated Cruise with Buffet. Mr Frenchie LOVES buffets!

And Bloody Maries (Marys? What is the plural for that?). It was a gorgeous day and we saw and learned at lot about Lake Champlain.

Like, do you know the whole lake freezes over in the winter? YEP, so much so that you can drive on it to go ice fishing! I wouldn't recommend that though, according to our tour guild if your car falls in the lake the State of Vermont gives you one day to get it out or they do it for you and send you the bill. Plus, that kind of thing is NOT covered by car insurance companies.

Sadly, we didn't see Champ. Although, The Spirit of Ethan Allen did see him back in 1984, we think it was too bright outside for Champ that day.

Next we drove over to Shelburne Vineyard. The vineyard had recently re-located to a new building, so new that they were still planting new vines out front.

Having been wine tasting in Napa, Temecula and Rancho Bernardo I wasn't expecting to be tasting alone. It was, however, a Wednesday, so that could explain why we had the whole winery to ourselves. If I remember correctly we sampled about 9 wines, including my first ice wine. I'm sure you can imagine, I don't see too much ice in Orange County, CA, so ice wine isn't very common.
This is the last picture I have of our trip in Vermont because my battery died. Mr Frenchie was able to turn the camera on long enough to grab a shot of me in front of the winery and then it died.

Since I lack photographic evidence you will have to believe when I tell you when went to Shelburne Farms last for Cheese tasting. It happened I promise! We even bought some yummy mustard!

And that is the Frenchiemoon in a 8 post nutshell! Did you miss one?
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