Monday, June 29, 2009

Heat Stroke

This past weekend Mr Frenchie and I flew up to Northern California to visit his family and attend the wedding of my dear friends Alisa and Joe.

Girl Friends and their bling :)

We had a blast and the wedding was beautiful! The details came together perfectly and really represented the couple's "preppy" style.

The wedding was held at a Country Club where Joe, used to be a golf instructor. Check out that Cake and the Ring Bearer!

The only hitch in an otherwise perfect weekend was the heat.
For an area that is normally in the high 70s this time of year, the 100 degree heat was a shocker. As sweat was dripping down my legs durning cocktail hour I started to worry - What if it was this hot for our wedding? Although black, my dress for Alisa and Joe's wedding was really light weight. My beautiful Paigely? Notsomuch. I mean, it's not crazy heavy or anything, but it is still a full length lace wedding dress.
According to the average high in August is 89. I can live with 89, but I cannot live with the record high of 109! The website also says that July is the hottest month in Rancho Bernado, so I'm hoping this bodes well for our late August wedding.
As much as I would like to admit calmed my nerves, I am still worried it may be unbearably hot at our outdoor wedding. I'm thinking I should buy a back up reception dress just in case. If I don't end up needing it, I can just return it or sell it. One of the bridesmaid's at Alisa's wedding said she bought a back-up reception dress on sale at Neiman Marcus. Luckily she thought ahead, because at her wedding two weeks earlier, a heat wave hit in the normally cool town of Half Moon Bay, CA.
I would love to find the exact dress I wore this weekend in white, but unfortunately I bought that dress on sale at White House/Black Market and they never carried it in white. So, I checked out all the great suggestions everyone gave Miss Mary Jane and found a dress I really like.

Are you worried about the weather for you wedding? Have you bought a back-up dress?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

But, My Toesies Neeeeeed Them

When I went for my dress alterations appointment with Mathab I noticed something while I was standing there admiring my dress. My feet HURT! I brought two pairs of shoes with me. One was a light yellow pair of Calvin Klein pumps I've worn several times before and the other was my new pair of dancing shoes.

I've danced in these shoes for a couple weeks now. I think I finally "broke them in" this week, but they still hurt just standing there in Mahtab's studio. I'm going to be doing a lot of "just standing there" during our ceremony and I really don't want to be worrying about my toesies while I'm saying my vows. So, while I was standing there I daydreamed about a pretty pair of Cole Haan Nike Air shoes I'd seen months ago.

They're pretty huh? But, the price, notsomuch. I could justify them saying that my toesies would be really comfy all day and I could dye them after the wedding and wear them again and again. Although Cole Haan doesn't offer dyeing, they say the fabric is fully dyeable and they even include two fabric swatch to test on.

The question still remains though, do I really neeeeed $428.00 shoes? My head says no, but my toesies say YES! What would you do?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Paigely and Me

Yesterday, was quite a busy day... After work I met my trainer at the gym, went home rinsed off, grabbed Paigely and Mama Frenchie, went to visit Mahtab, came home, made dinner, ate dinner, and then went to dance lessons with Papa Frenchie. At the end of the day I was exhausted, but it wasn't in vain, because now I FINALLY have pictures of me in my dress to share. YAY!

** Again, Mr Frenchie, Love of my Life, if for some reason you've decided to check out Weddingbee today, this post is not intended for your eyes...NO LOOKIE**

First off, let me just say that Mahtab is the sweetest lady I've ever met and she definitely knows what she is doing. She taught Mama Frenchie how to properly lace up my dress so that is made a lovely "V" in the back. Unlike the girl at the salon who, when I picked up the dress, laced me up so tight I looked like a sausage coming out of it's casing. She then took in the sides of the top a little so the sweatheart neckline laid nicely and covered my girls. Once she was done with the hem, we were finished with the front.

Next, she worked on my bustle. Since everything was happening behind me I no idea what she was doing, but I trusted her. From the sound of it she started doing one bustle, but didn't like the way it looked so she changed it to another. The bustle she switched to all that the pick-up folds on the outside of the dress. I asked her if she could do a bustle where the pick-ups where under the folds, aka french bustle. Although, she didn't think it looked as nice, she re-did the bustle and I was much happier.

I loved trying my dress on again, but was relieved to leave her at someone else's house. Paigely was taking up WAY too much room in my little closet.

What bustle did you decide? Was it what the tailer recommended?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Just Not That Fancy

To say I don't change up my jewelry very often would be a gross understatement. I wear the same earrings, bracelet and watch everyday. I will occasionally wear a different necklace, but most days it's the Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant from Tiffany & Co.
All thought I've worn them everyday since my Junior Winter Formal, for our wedding I'm planning on wearing the diamond earrings shown above. Papa Frenchie gave them to Mama Frenchie in the beginning of their marriage and Mama Frenchie gave them to me almost 12 years ago.
However, I do think I should wear a different necklace, so I've been trolling everyone's favorite go to shopping place, Etsy. I've found several different options and I need your help. What should I wear?

Option A - Eternity Pearl Ring Necklace by heatherberry
Option B - Single Sterling Branch Necklace by cj

Option C - Divine Lariat by lizix26
Option D - Rustic Little Nest (sterling silver) by lizix26

Option E - Multi Strand Swarovski White Pearl Bridal Wedding Necklace by shacara
Option F - Oh So Fancy - Fresh Water Pearl on Silver by LaraLeighDesigns

As you can see I have a Pearl theme. Mr Frenchie has expressed interest in me wearing pearls and I think a delicate pearl necklace would compliment my dress.

What do you think?
Option A - Eternity Pearl Ring
Option B - Sterling Branch
Option C - Divine Lariat
Option D - Rustic Little Nest
Option E - Multi Strand
Option F - Fresh Water Pearl
Option G - I found something even better

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tie One On

A little over a month ago a learned about a great online shop to purchase ties called Tie Bar. After hearing from so many brides who had to drive to several different Macy's to find enough of a certain tie, I thought, "Score! All the ties in one place AND I don't have to leave my computer monitor." (What? I have withdrawals).

This guy gets it

I found our ties the easy way by selecting ties that matched grey suits, easy schmeasy right?

"View All" and Ta-Da - the perfect tie!

This tie even comes in extra length, which was a pleasant surprise when I realized that was something our 6'7" groomsman would probably need.

But wait, there's more! They also carry pocket squares, so I was able to order three aqua ("Tiffany Blue) pocket squares for our the guys to wear instead of boutonnieres.
Baring any complications in their delivery, this was probably our easiest wedding purchase. What was your easiest wedding purchase?

Friday, June 19, 2009

How did they meet?

This fantastic wedding invititaion has been floating around the bridal blogs the past couple weeks and I just can't get enough of it.

Designed by Matt Dorfman, it tells the story of how he met his, now wife, Jill. I think this is by far the most creative invitation I've ever seen. Check out Matt's blog to view the entire invitation suite.

What is the most creative wedding invitaion you've seen?

So you need more stuff for your registry?

Looking over her registry the other day, a friend of mine asked me for suggestions on things she could add. I came up with a list of things some people don't think to add and a couple things Mr Frenchie and I love to use.

1 - Tools - Right now, any tool I want is at my disposal in my parents garage. My dad is a contractor, so I pretty much have my pick of screw drivers, drill bits, hammers and pliers. Target sell this great 133 piece Home Project set by Black and Decker. I'm really excited at the possibilty of having my very own power drill!2 - Step Ladder - Another item I use frequently at my parents house, that won't be so accessable when I move in with Mr Frenchie. I'm 5'2" and he's 6'2", but I he wont be there to reach stuff for me all the time and I'd like to avoid hurting my chairs as much as possible. This 3-step ladder by Wagner Steel can also be found at Target.
3 - Compost Pail - My Frenchie and I are big Foodies and just signed a lease on an apartment with a large paio. We can't wait to start growing our own herbs and some veggies. I found this compost pail at Crate and Barrel. The design is nice enough to leave out near the sink so I'll remember to use it.

4 -Charcoal Grill - Growing up Mr Frenchie used to help his Dad out on their Weber Grill. About a year ago his father gave him that grill and ever since I've been a DIE hard charcoal fan. Trust me, nothing beats a burger off a charcoal grill. Target carries this Weber 22.5” one.

5 - Raclette Grill - We discovered this item while wondering around Sur La Table one afternoon and it has made for some great entertaining. Basically it is a griddle top that is raised up so you can metal cheese in spatulas underneath. We chose this, Swissmar Raclette Grill, because it opened options for breakfast. The griddle flips over with a circle to make crepes and you can use the spatulas to make your own mini omelettes.
What are some less than common items on your registry you would recommend to a friend?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Napkin, Napkin, Napkin

Based in the title, you're probably thinking this post is going to be about my linens, but it's about calligraphy. As you learned in my fruity shower post, BM F and I met in college and that is when I learned, she would sit and practice her handwriting when she needed something to do with her hands. I can't tell you how many times we'd be sitting in the cafeteria and I'd look down to see "Napkin" scrolled across her napkin (natch) a bazillion times in the most beautiful handwriting you've ever seen.

My handwriting isn't bad, it worked great for our Engagement Party invites and STDIs, but it is more casual. So, naturally, I asked BM F if she would do the calligraphy for our Wedding Invitations.
Here are the sample she gave me today...
Option A:
Option B:
Option C:
Option D:
Option E:
Option F:
Options A & C are a little too fancy for my taste. Personally, I like the whimsy of the others more and it they will go better with our invitations.

Sneak Peak of our Proof

So Hive, what do you think?
Option A
Option B
Option C
Option D
Option E
Option F

Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blah... such a waste

I'm sure what I'm about to blog about is a common problem among those honeymooning out of the country. I'm talking about the new passport that will be good for about 1 month (if that is how long it takes me to get my name changed).

It had the potential to be really easy though, my current, which may or maynot still be good, is renewable by mail.

But, I just can't find it... and I looked EVERYWHERE. I did find my passport from 16 years ago, when I was 12, but it was "cancelled" when I got the newer one.

Hence, the holes... I think that counts as "damaged", but I could be wrong. So, I need to "Apply in Person" and get another passport.

Luckly, because I still have the cancelled passport, I just need to go to take that to the Post Office and I don't have to locate my Birth Certificate. I'm pretty sure my mom still has my Birth Certificate, but if my luck finding my current passport is any indication, I wouldn't put money on it.

While I was reading through the list of "or's" I read that last one "Your name has changed since your U.S. passport was issued and you are unable to legally document your name change". To me that means I will be getting another passport when Mr Frenchie and I decide to to travel abroad in the future, post name change. However, in that case I will be able to mail it in... I think.

The upside? The upside is this means I will have to get my picture taken and, if I remember correctly, I get to keep the excess pictures. Excess passport pictures is exactly what I need to get my Student ID. Movie discounts here I come!

Are you getting a "temporary" passport too?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fruity Shower

Two weekends ago my fantastic bridesmaids threw me the cutest shower ever! I may be a tad but bias, but I'm sure once you get a look below you'll believe it ranks up there pretty high.

BM F hosted the shower at her parents' beautiful beach house and we could not have hoped for better weather.
Isn't the view for their house to DIE for! It is the stuff postcards are made of!

This, however, not so much! This sexy beast came to mow their neighbor's lawn in the middle of the shower.

Okay, back to the shower... when I arrived we all walked around and played the first game. Questions were mounted on adorable fruity scrapbooking paper and taped up around the kitchen and family room for everyone to answer.

Answer: In college

Just so you don't think these were all easy questions, I didn't even get them all right. Mr Frenchie (he took the quiz when he came by later) and I both got our engagement date wrong. I, at least, got the month right.

After we'd all turned in our answer cards it was time to dig into lunch.

Mmmm... I have been craving craberry chicken salad sandwiches since, YUM-MERS! Once we were all stuffed to the brim, it was time to open presents. I'm not gonna lie, this was my favorite part. Unlike other brides I've known, I LOVE being the center of attention... and getting presents isn't too shabby either. But, before I could open up my goodies, we all had to unwrap the answers to the first game.
Raise your hand if you're getting married!

Each layer of wrapping had an answer to one of the questions and instructions on who to pass the present to next. The package made it back to me on the last answer.

How awesome is this paper?

Inside, Sister Frenchie gifted me some pretty sexy panties - these were my favorites.
I'm all kinds of Klassy!

After the silly gift, came the real gifts.

I got some great cards...
A couple very creative presents...
My friend (and shower photographer), Krissi, made me an "Allison's Kitchen" sign for, well, my kitchen and Sister Frenchie made "cupcakes" out of our napkins and stored them in a cupcake caddy.

I also got some great staples and learned how NOT to pose for a picture...

Mental note for my next shower - Make prettier faces! Especially when posing with your new Kitchen Aid Mixer!

Mama Frenchie is the BEST!

Once all the presents had been opened we ate the most delicious carrot cake EVER made... EVER!

I lied, my favorite part of the day was relaxing at the end of the shower with all my ladies and eating yummy cake. As much as I love Mr Frenchie, it is nice to have some quality girl time every once in awhile.

What was your favorite part of your shower?