Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Call

Isn't it funny how just about the time you forget what your wedding dress looks like, the bridal salon calls and tells you it's in? That's right, MY WEDDING DRESS IS IN!!

I don't think I told you, but when I ordered the dress the salon had only ever seen her in ivory. I knew I wanted a white white dress, so I ordered it in "All White" and said a little prayer. When the salon called on Friday, the lady told me Paigely looked gorgeous and she had been showing her off to everyone. I quote, "The white is gorgeous! We were nervous because we have never seen it in white, but it isn't blue at all." PHEW, because there is really no going back now!

**Mr Frenchie, if for some reason you decided today was the day you were going to start reading Weddingbee, please decide not to read this post**

After work, Mama Frenchie and I, are going to the salon to try on my dress, pay the balance and take my Paigely home.
Yep, I get to take her home. Why? Two Reasons:
1 - The salon is in Huntington Beach and I live 25 miles away in Laguna Niguel. With everything else I have going on, I don't want to worry about making it up to Huntington Beach to get my dress altered.
2 - I've been informed by another bride, who purchased the same dress from the salon, that the alterations lady isn't very good. She recommended a lady who does alteration out of her home in Laguna Niguel. Since that is obviously closer, I'm going there.

Did you decide to have your Wedding Dress altered somewhere other than where you purchased it?

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