Monday, June 1, 2009

Tricking our Guests

The French Bulldog invitations are off to the printers, YAY! But before we could send them out we had to answer the tricky question of when to start the ceremony and more importantly what to put on the invitations. If you're reading this thinking, "Um Frenchie, shouldn't they be the same time?" I envy you for your punctual friends and family.

Papa Frenchie and I are always waiting downstairs for my Mama Frenchie and Sister Frenchie to be ready. I had a friend in high school who we'd tell something started at least an hour before it actually did in hopes of her being on time, and although none of my current friends are that bad I'm selfish and I don't want people sneaking in, in the middle of the ceremony OR missing it entirely.

There is also the matter of traffic. The majority of our guest will most likely be driving 65 miles from Orange County to Rancho Bernardo, which, according to Google Maps takes a little over an hour. But, that is with no traffic.

The traffic from OC to SD can be hit or miss, you can make it to downtown in no time or it can take you hours. Most the time there is not rhyme or reason for the delay, especially in the summer. We've tried to alert our guests on our website and Wedding Map, but not everyone is going to check those sites.

So what is our solution? We lied. Our invitation says that our ceremony will begin @3:30 (just like the website and the map), but we're really going to begin @4. Annie, the winery's coordinator, suggested placing a sign at the entrance to the Pavilion that says something like:

Did you lie about the start time of your wedding to ensure all your guest were on time?

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