Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shower Gifts

My fabulously fruity shower was this past Saturday and I'm still waiting for the rest of the pictures to roll. In the meantime I'm going to show you what I ended up giving my ladies as a "Thank You".

Sister Frenchie and BM J's gifts were very similar. While they didn't "host" the shower, I know they put a lot of work into making the shower happen. I wanted to get them something to show my appreciation.
I got these SUPER cute and totally fitting Cherry bags at my local Hallmark.

Inside a gave each girl a sampling of my favorite "Shower" products. Sister Frenchie got two travel sized Product Body products and a tube of FAVORITE Mary Kay Scrub.

BM J also got a tube of the Mary Kay scrub and she also got the travel sized lotion from Product Body, and two of Bath and Body Works' anti-bacterial lotions for her purse in my favorite scents, Fresh Pineapple and Lime Verbena. With a toddler on her hands she can never have enough anti-bacterial in her purse.

For BM F, the shower Hostess, I picked up a couple things I knew she wanted from Crate and Barrel. BM J, BM F and I had gone shopping together a few weeks earlier. BM F had found a bunch of stuff from she wanted at Crate and Barrel, but couldn't justify buying. I, of course, took note and came back the next day to snatch them up.

1 - Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool - After watching a lot of Food Network while I was sick yesterday, I was surprised to see how many recipes call for zest.
2 - Citrus Juice Glass - BM F's kitchen is done in a citrus theme and these glasses match it perfectly!
3 - Mini Bowl Set - Who doesn't need prep bowls that match their kitchen?

I love giving gifts!I was almost more excited to give these than go to the shower itself. What was your favorite gift you gave durning your wedding festivities?

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