Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Frenchie Kisses: Family Portraits

Last we left off, Mr Frenchie and I had just come down the aisle and were enjoying that ‘Just Married’ feeling. I asked what you guys wanted next and it looks like Family Portrait won the vote, so on we go with family portraits.

Like most couples, we decided to do family portraits right after the ceremony, during cocktail hour. We really wish we could have gone to cocktail hour, but had so sacrifice this to have pictures with everyone in our families and pictures with just us. My awesome DOC brought us over plates of our tasty appetizers, so we didn’t miss out entirely.

Let’s get this party started, shall we? If you’re wondering how we picked the order we tool the pictures, we did it in the order of people that were there. If you got the memo and came to get your picture taken, you got put in front of the camera. Meanwhile, I got all bridezilla and sent people to fetch those that were absent.

Mr Frenchie and FIL Frenchie

FIL Frenchie, Step MIL Frenchie, Frenchie Frenchie’s Step Sister and her Husband.

Mr Frenchie and my gorgeous MIL. Isn't crazy how well Mr Frenchie's tie matches her dress?

SIL Frenchie, Step FIL Frenchie and MIL Frenchie.

Getting ‘sassy’ with my new SIL.

Us with SIL Frenchie and her Boyfriend.

Mr Frenchie’s Uncle and his family. How cute is his cousin? She thought I looked like a Princess :)

Mr Frenchie’s other Uncle and his family.

Mr Frenchie’s Step Brother and his lovely Wife.

Getting sick of us yet because that was just Mr Frenchie’s side…
Papa & Mama Frenchie and Sister Frenchie (my MOH).

Adding my Dad’s sister (Aunt Frenchie K) and my Dad’s Mom (Grandma Frenchie).

Mama & Papa Frenchie.

My Mom’s brother and his wife, aka Uncle Frenchie C and Aunt Frenchie C.

Our lovely readers (and my favorite cousins) Jodi, Katie & Kim.

While someone ran to make sure we weren’t missing anyone, we snapped a few pictures with our wedding party.
Believe it or not I asked the guys about 4 times to stand closer, this was as close as I got.

Apparently when you tell ladies to ‘act silly’ we do weird stuff with our mouths.

We hung out in the shade for the last couple stragglers…

I adjusted the boobage…

And we took a group shot…

Raise your hand if you like weddings!

Are you going to try to get a group picture?

So Far...
The Beginning
Gettin' Sassy
Me & My Bridesmaids
Mr Frenchie's Morning
Waiting to go down the aisle
The "I Do"s
The Big 'Oops'

***Note: All photos, unless otherwise noted, are by the fabulously talented, and super awesome to know, Ohana Photographers***

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It’s Valen-time! (Part 6)

The last, but certainly not least, installment of this years Valentines!

AllisonC’s box of homemade cookies and Valentine themed sweets.

Amber1279’s adorable Valentine mailboxes to store all your other Valentines.

amariem25 sent beautiful flower pins from her Etsy shop along with Valentines made with her Cuttlebug.

BerkeleyBride sent her lucky Valentine’s this S’mores kit. An idea she got from Twig & Thistle

KimberleyBee’s adorable Valentine’s included an embellishment on the front that sweeps from left to right.

LaborOfLove used crepe-paper to add ruffles to her gorgeous cards.

LilacAvenue’s lovely card with handmade hearts in different patterned papers. LilacAvenue

LilMissXMas sent love from the ‘Big Apple’ with a heart window that turns out the be an apple inside.

MissBonnieBlue’s adorable handmade Owl themed cards.

MrsWooHoo’s cherry blossom card, complete with a Valentine’s day Haiku.

TheDevineMissE’s colorful, Valentine word collages with glittery letters.

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next year :)

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Friday, February 12, 2010

It’s Valen-time! (Part 5)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks again to all you lovely ladies that participated in the swap this year! I've had a few straggling emails, so this will not be the last post. If you still have not sent me our Valentine pictures, this is the last call. Email now, or forever hold your piece ;-)

AZinAugust's valentines with homemade heart shaped crayons


thefuturemrsjewell's heart shaped cards with a beautiful quote inside

Mrs Nachos busted out the glitter and rhinestones for these personalized Valentines
Nachos 004 sm

BamaBaby's lovely hearts with adorable Bees on the inside

Miss Poodle's handmade boxes with a heart shaped whole inside to hold chocolates
Poodle Valentines

SweetheartDealer's Bee themed Valentines with beautiful floral stickers

Krissybee's gorgeous Valentines included Goodies, Fun facts and Activities. Does anyone else think she should make this a business?

Leeser is thinking of using pinwheels in her wedding, she puts these ones in a buckets of candy. She also made some adorable 'I heart Weddingbee' magnets.

Mrs Quiche's beautiful bunting card, along with another one with different hearts.

Mrs Sprinkle's lovely cards included Valentine confetti and a nod to her Bee name "Sprinkle with love!"

Keladry’s beautiful Martha Stewart inspired puzzle with wax sealed envelope

Mrs Sushi's adorable monster themed Valentine card complete with teeth on the envelope.

Mithrasit's lovely envelopes bursting with love boxes and bags of candy.

MissBrightEyes' handmade card, a handmade envelope file to store 'lovely things' like photos or ticket stubs etc and a heart shaped lollypop.


Miss Stripes made her Valentines flower pin and wrapped them in these lovely boxes.


Bakerella made each of her swappers a personalized Valentine pillow. Raise your hand if you think she should open an Etsy shop!
Bakerella - Cat
Bakerella - Cupcake Bakerella - Robot

and Me, Mrs Frenchie sent two of my favorite things a frosted sugar cookie and seeds to grow daisies.
Frenchie - P

If you still haven't seen your Valentine let me know in the comments or at WBValentine2010 (at) Yahoo (dot) com. I'm going to wait a few days to get the last few in and do one final post next week :)