Friday, February 12, 2010

It’s Valen-time (Part 2)

Ready for the next installment of Weddingbee Valentine Craftiness? Thought I’d never ask? Well feast your eyes on these beauties!

WhiteSonnet’s heart shaped mini bunt card inspired by How about orange...
TrixieStix busted out the glitter for these sparkly beauties with stickers
LaurenEB made three different cards, each with matching chocolate bar pouch
JeanL1984’s heart shaped cards with Bee, heart and engagement ring stickers.
KiraBee’s Mrs Bird & Mr Bee clothespin magnets accompanied with "Hope your Valentine's Day is your 'cup of tea'!" themed card and Tazo tea bag.
Hive Hostess LatteLove went to Paper Source after our Bee Meet-up to make these Valentine’s
LoveArdently’s heart and twine tied envelopes with pink circular Valentine
Mrs Sewing’s illustrated ‘Queen Bee’ with handmade candy bag and Cuttlebugged Envelope
SunnyDeb’s fabulous and fun collage Valentines
PieceACake’s cake themed Valentine’s with adorable cartoon Bees
Mrs Lemon used her Cricut to cut these beautiful wooden Valentines
Don’t miss out on the previously posted Valentines here!

If you didn’t see your Valentine in this post, don’t worry! Like I said, there will be a few posts. If you’re worried I haven’t received your pictures, I’ve replied to every email I’ve received. If you didn’t get a reply back, that means I didn’t get your email.

Also, I’m still missing a few Valentines! Please email me pictures to WBValentine2010 (at) yahoo (dot) com. In the email include your Weddingbee name so I can properly credit your work! :)

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