Friday, February 12, 2010

It’s Valen-time! (Part 4)

But wait, there’s more!

Elaineathon got a new sewing machine for Christmas and used it to sew these adorable pillows
Mrs. Green Tea’s song themed Valentines. You can read all bout them here.
Green Tea - P 
Love_Pirate sent a bunch of candy these Beatles song themed cards
Mrs Moonbeam’s shades of pink and red with sewn edges
HeidiInWonderland’s needlepoint sewn Valentine’s, each with a different message.
HeidiInWonderland - P 
LauraLou52’s gorgeous Valentines in different pink papers. I just love those satin bows! LauraLou852 
Mrs Lamb included pictures of Lambs in her lovely and punny cards.
MudBug’s beautiful, water colored calendar
MissBiner sent chocolates, lip glass and a ring along with her Cricutted cards.
SammyJ’s puffy heart Valentine’s become a magnet for her swapper’s fridges
Miss Scissor’s personalized cut paper Valentine’s. How cute is that Sushi Roll?
Mrs Deviled Egg’s lovely printed cards with button accents.
Deviled Egg Valentine 1 - P 
Did you miss the previous posts? Don’t worry you can see them here, here and here.

If you haven’t seen your Valentine yet, don’t worry! There are still one more post. However, if you are worried I haven’t received your pictures, I’ve replied to every email I’ve received. If you didn’t get a reply back, that means I didn’t get your email.

If you still haven’t sent in your pictures, please email them to me at WBValentine2010 (at) yahoo (dot) com. In the email include your Weddingbee name so I can properly credit your work!

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