Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Paigely and Me

Yesterday, was quite a busy day... After work I met my trainer at the gym, went home rinsed off, grabbed Paigely and Mama Frenchie, went to visit Mahtab, came home, made dinner, ate dinner, and then went to dance lessons with Papa Frenchie. At the end of the day I was exhausted, but it wasn't in vain, because now I FINALLY have pictures of me in my dress to share. YAY!

** Again, Mr Frenchie, Love of my Life, if for some reason you've decided to check out Weddingbee today, this post is not intended for your eyes...NO LOOKIE**

First off, let me just say that Mahtab is the sweetest lady I've ever met and she definitely knows what she is doing. She taught Mama Frenchie how to properly lace up my dress so that is made a lovely "V" in the back. Unlike the girl at the salon who, when I picked up the dress, laced me up so tight I looked like a sausage coming out of it's casing. She then took in the sides of the top a little so the sweatheart neckline laid nicely and covered my girls. Once she was done with the hem, we were finished with the front.

Next, she worked on my bustle. Since everything was happening behind me I no idea what she was doing, but I trusted her. From the sound of it she started doing one bustle, but didn't like the way it looked so she changed it to another. The bustle she switched to all that the pick-up folds on the outside of the dress. I asked her if she could do a bustle where the pick-ups where under the folds, aka french bustle. Although, she didn't think it looked as nice, she re-did the bustle and I was much happier.

I loved trying my dress on again, but was relieved to leave her at someone else's house. Paigely was taking up WAY too much room in my little closet.

What bustle did you decide? Was it what the tailer recommended?

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