Monday, June 15, 2009

Fruity Shower

Two weekends ago my fantastic bridesmaids threw me the cutest shower ever! I may be a tad but bias, but I'm sure once you get a look below you'll believe it ranks up there pretty high.

BM F hosted the shower at her parents' beautiful beach house and we could not have hoped for better weather.
Isn't the view for their house to DIE for! It is the stuff postcards are made of!

This, however, not so much! This sexy beast came to mow their neighbor's lawn in the middle of the shower.

Okay, back to the shower... when I arrived we all walked around and played the first game. Questions were mounted on adorable fruity scrapbooking paper and taped up around the kitchen and family room for everyone to answer.

Answer: In college

Just so you don't think these were all easy questions, I didn't even get them all right. Mr Frenchie (he took the quiz when he came by later) and I both got our engagement date wrong. I, at least, got the month right.

After we'd all turned in our answer cards it was time to dig into lunch.

Mmmm... I have been craving craberry chicken salad sandwiches since, YUM-MERS! Once we were all stuffed to the brim, it was time to open presents. I'm not gonna lie, this was my favorite part. Unlike other brides I've known, I LOVE being the center of attention... and getting presents isn't too shabby either. But, before I could open up my goodies, we all had to unwrap the answers to the first game.
Raise your hand if you're getting married!

Each layer of wrapping had an answer to one of the questions and instructions on who to pass the present to next. The package made it back to me on the last answer.

How awesome is this paper?

Inside, Sister Frenchie gifted me some pretty sexy panties - these were my favorites.
I'm all kinds of Klassy!

After the silly gift, came the real gifts.

I got some great cards...
A couple very creative presents...
My friend (and shower photographer), Krissi, made me an "Allison's Kitchen" sign for, well, my kitchen and Sister Frenchie made "cupcakes" out of our napkins and stored them in a cupcake caddy.

I also got some great staples and learned how NOT to pose for a picture...

Mental note for my next shower - Make prettier faces! Especially when posing with your new Kitchen Aid Mixer!

Mama Frenchie is the BEST!

Once all the presents had been opened we ate the most delicious carrot cake EVER made... EVER!

I lied, my favorite part of the day was relaxing at the end of the shower with all my ladies and eating yummy cake. As much as I love Mr Frenchie, it is nice to have some quality girl time every once in awhile.

What was your favorite part of your shower?

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