Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Just Not That Fancy

To say I don't change up my jewelry very often would be a gross understatement. I wear the same earrings, bracelet and watch everyday. I will occasionally wear a different necklace, but most days it's the Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant from Tiffany & Co.
All thought I've worn them everyday since my Junior Winter Formal, for our wedding I'm planning on wearing the diamond earrings shown above. Papa Frenchie gave them to Mama Frenchie in the beginning of their marriage and Mama Frenchie gave them to me almost 12 years ago.
However, I do think I should wear a different necklace, so I've been trolling everyone's favorite go to shopping place, Etsy. I've found several different options and I need your help. What should I wear?

Option A - Eternity Pearl Ring Necklace by heatherberry
Option B - Single Sterling Branch Necklace by cj

Option C - Divine Lariat by lizix26
Option D - Rustic Little Nest (sterling silver) by lizix26

Option E - Multi Strand Swarovski White Pearl Bridal Wedding Necklace by shacara
Option F - Oh So Fancy - Fresh Water Pearl on Silver by LaraLeighDesigns

As you can see I have a Pearl theme. Mr Frenchie has expressed interest in me wearing pearls and I think a delicate pearl necklace would compliment my dress.

What do you think?
Option A - Eternity Pearl Ring
Option B - Sterling Branch
Option C - Divine Lariat
Option D - Rustic Little Nest
Option E - Multi Strand
Option F - Fresh Water Pearl
Option G - I found something even better

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