Thursday, October 1, 2009

Frenchiemoon: Vermont, Part 2

Our trip attitude immediately started to change the moment we saw the US border.

We decided to enter in on the New York City of Lake Champlain, drive down the islands in the middle and then over to Burlington.

I've said it before and I'll say it again and again, we LOVE Vermont. These islands were completely charming.

We plan on coming back here in a couple years to say on an Inn with Adirondack chairs on the lake and go kayaking.

Doesn't that sound relaxing and fun?

Fun side story: We stopped just inside the border at the first gas station we found, obviously to get gas. Went inside to "Put $10 on pump 3" and the lady behind the counter said, "Is it not working? Did you lift the handle?" In California, you have to pay before you pump, in Vermont you pump and then pay! That was really hard to get used to, we felt like we were stealing, even though we fully intended to pay right after. Also, Mr Frenchie couldn't get over the choices of unleaded gas.

Once we were in Burlington again we checked into another Marriott, in Williston. This hotel was night and day compared to the last one. The lady at the front desk was so pleasant, our room had a king bed, it was awesome.

We freshened up in the room a bit, planned out everything we were going to squeeze into our final full honeymoon day (the next day) and went to dinner. Mr Frenchie and I still talk about the dinner we had that night, and it was the dinner we had the whole trip. The Vermont Brewery & Pub is tast-eee!

You better believe the first thing I ordered to drink was an Iced Tea! (What? were you expecting me to say, Beer?) Mmmmm Iced Tea, how I missed you.

Fun Bee Fact about Mrs French Bulldog: I don't like beer. True story. Mr Frenchie is forever trying to get me to try his beer and see if I like it. They all taste the same to me, gross, I'm sorry.

So, believe it or not, I drank my fair share of this flight!

As you can see Sheldon helped, but I'd say Mr Frenchie and I split this pretty evenly. I did drink the fruitier beers, but it was still beer goshdarnit! And, when our waitress forgot to put our order in and offered us a free pint each, I drank mine. Have I had a beer since? No, but I've had sips of Mr Frenchie's beers and they just don't taste as good.

Moving on to the "and this is the food we ate"* portion of this post...
I still cannot believe we ate all of that, plus onion rings AND beer! Oink, Oink!

*Mr Frenchie always makes fun of me and says, "and this is the food we ate" every time I take pictures of our food. He just doesn't understand that the hive wants to know what we ate!

Up Next: Our last day :(

Did you eat/drink something on your honeymoon you would normally never touch?

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