Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Cheesy Bar Joke...

Four Dogs and a shoe walk into a bar while it's Sprinkling. Yep, another cheesy Weddingbee inspired bar joke with no punchline.

With my finals a week away, (anyone want to do my Residential Design boards for me? You get to use spray adhesive?) this weekend I got to take a much needed break with five lovely Bees. Miss Poodle (and Mr Poodle), Mrs Peep Toe, Mrs Sprinkle and Miss Spaniel and I met for Margaritas, Guacamole and other Mexican goodies on Sunday.

Photo by Mrs Sprinkle

With flaming margaritas, we celebrated Miss Poodle's arrival to California, Mrs Peep Toe being in LA and Miss Spaniel becoming a Bee!

Photo by Mr Poodle (via Mrs Sprinkle's camera)

It was fun to hear to compare wedding days, with Mrs Peep Toe and Mrs Sprinkle, hear more planning stories from The Poodles and Miss Spaniel. A special thank you to Mr Poodle for 'talking wedding' for 2 hrs! and an extra special GET WELL SOON to Mrs Meatball, who was too sick to make it with Mr Meatball.

Thanks for meeting up ladies!

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