Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Frenchie Kisses: Coming down the Aisle

In the nine months we were engaged I put WAY more thought into what shoes I would wear (funny because I ended up wearing a pair I already owned) than how we all would get down the aisle. In fact, the night of the rehearsal while my poor DOC was stuck in traffic, I used my sister's notepad and pen to figure out who and in what order people would get down, and back up the aisle. Ooops. A little advice, if I may, make sure to figure this out before the rehearsal, that way you can make sure everyone you need comes to the rehearsal... we were missing a couple people, mainly FIL Frenchie and SMIL Frenchie. Ooops, again.

Luckily we are all pretty intelligent people and it all came together the day of. Thanks to our DOC for rounding everyone up!

Here we go... I waited, and trying to relax, out of sight while Papa Frenchie escorted Mama Frenchie down the aisle.

But first, MIL Frenchie and her husband, SFIL Frenchie...

FIL Frenchie and his wife, SMIL Frenchie...

Mama and Papa Frenchie...

As Papa Frenchie came back to get me the Bridesmaids song started up. I had asked for the band to play an instrumental version of The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun, but something got lost in translation in our emails and they played the real thing. At first I was upset, but everyone told me how much they loved it and now that I look back it was perfect.

Here's the song to set the mood...

BM Jane, my BFF since 4th grade...

Yep, I've known Jane for 20 years! Jane became my friend back when I had a perm and wore leggings with stirrups. I remember always being jealous of all the different jeans she owned, when I only had ONE PAIR. We've been friends through National Charity League, band (we both played the flute), Prom, college, family deaths, marriages, diabetes and the birth of her adorable son, Liam.

Janey is one of the most genuine, sweet and caring people I know. I rarely hear her say a mean thing about anyone. I could not be more proud to call her my Bestie.

BM Feli, my BFF since college and college roomie...

Feli and I met our second year at LMU. One night when I was walking down the hall and saw her walking with a guy wearing one shoe. Since my roommate had run into our room early and hide a shoe, I had a feeling they were looking for the shoe in my room. We hit it off immediately. I was a Film major and she was a Screen Writing major. She had a crush on a guy and I had dated him - it was my mission to talk her out if it, because he was bad news. We were BFF from the start!

Feli is one of those friends who is always honest with you. I may not want to hear what she has to say sometimes, but she keeps me in check... much like Mr Frenchie. Feli and I could also spend an entire evening quoting Friends episodes, You've Got Mail and Tommy Boy. We crack each other UP!

Sister Frenchie, my 'little' sister (she's taller than me)...

Although I always tease her about being born and stealing my Barbie room, my sister is THE BEST! We get along better than any 2 siblings should... well now. Like most siblings we went through those times when we found the other annoying etc. But ever since I went away to college Jen has been my best friend. No matter what, we can yell at each other and then cry about it, hug and make up.

We don't think we look a thing alike but people know we're sisters once we start talking. I was at the salon getting my hair done one day and the stylist in the chair next to me said, "Do you have a sister? Is her name Jennifer?" She had gone to Jr High with my sister and knew we had to be related based on my mannerisms.

Jen is the smartest and most hard working girl I know. I could not be more proud to call her my sister and my best friend.

After all my ladies were down the aisle the song switched to another Beatles tune, Till There Was You. I knew I wanted to use this song the second I read Mrs Taffy's post, Thank you Taffy!

We checked my train...

My Dad told a couple of very late guests to take their seat.

Thumbs down means, don't stand and wait for us at the beginning of the aisle, get your butt to your seat like everyone else.

And we walked...
He smiled, the biggest smile I've ever seen...

And everyone stood up. Let me tell you, I completely forgot everyone would stand up when I started down the aisle - WOW! That.is.when.I.LOST.IT! Everyone stood up and smiled at me, some were crying and some just looked so happy for us. The amount of LOVE I felt at that moment is indescribable.

Papa Frenchie and I met Mr Frenchie and our officiant, Leanne, at the 'alter'.
I gave Papa Frenchie a hug...

And we were really to GET MARRIED!

Up Next: The Ceremony

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***Note: All photos, unless otherwise noted, are by the fabulously talented, and super awesome to know, Ohana Photographers***

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