Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ornamental Inspiration: Frechie Edition

Every year for Christmas my mom used to let my sister and I pick out a new ornament for the tree. I look back at all the ornaments I chose when I was little and realize I was WAY more into the 'Bling' as a little girl. My Christmas Ornament inspiration board is in honor of that little girl, because she would have LOVED this ornament I found on Etsy by slvilov.

The current me loves this ornament because made or re-purposed materials, old jewelry. A few semesters ago I took an Ecology class in school and made a lamp out of my mom's old jewelry from the 80's. I didn't take a picture but this ornament looks a lot like my lamp.

Now for the board...

Happy Holidays Hive :)


  1. That ornament is crazy-amazing! The colors make for such a fun mood board :).

  2. I actually really like that ornament! I would for sure use it. C: