Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Frenchies Sniff Around for a Venue (Part 2)

After deciding against the destination wedding we started looking at venues closer to home. 

Option 1 - The Orange County Museum of Art
Honestly, I got this idea when a good friend of mine said she was considering the The San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, so part of me wanted for forget this idea just in case she decided to have her wedding at the San Diego Museum. She won't be getting married until 2010 (law school smarty, waiting til she graduates) and I don't want to steal her wedding thunder. 

Beautiful outdoor ceremony...
Modern/Contemporary Cocktail hour, inside...

Nice outdoor reception...
We didn't end up going with this location, because, sadly, the city no longer allows them to do weddings. (However, they are still listed on Here Comes The Guild, so maybe they are permitted again).

This location is only 2.5 miles from option #1 and both are 15 mins from my office. I pass The Sherman Library and Gardens everyday on my way home from work. This is a very popular wedding venue in my area and you can see why.

The problem we saw with this location was the ceremony site. If we decided to get married at the venue, instead of my church (a high possibility) it looked like our ceremony would have fountain in the middle of it.

No thanks!

Option 3 - Park Ave Restuarant - Stanton, CA
Mr Frenchie discovered this restaurant looking for 1950/60's modern restuarants on the web. We thought it looked so cool, I took him there for his first birthday we celebrated together.
Photo by Me

Like the Del Marcos in Palm Desert, this place has that mid-century modern style we love.

Plus, the food is FANTASTIC! I really cannot say enough good things about Park Ave. This place was a top contender for quite sometime, that is until we figured out our guest list, about 170 people. In order to fit all our guests in this location not everyone would be in the same room, or some people would be outside while others would be inside. Mr Frenchie and I were heartbroken.

Did you find your dream venue only to realize your wedding wouldn't fit?

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