Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shower Us With Love

For awhile I've been thinking about when we could have our guest throw stuff at us... I guess toss is a better word. We're not getting married in a church so we can't to the classic toss outside the church. Plus, I always wondered how the logistics worked on that one. I guess in the past the happy couple walks down the aisle before everyone else, then hangs out in a room until the guest have emptied the church and then they leave showered with rice (or whatever).


But now (or back then) do the guests just chill outside and wait for all the family pictures in the church?
An option for us is to have the send off at the end of the evening, with the ever popular Sparklers. I just love those pictures.


However, I've been to too many weddings where most the guests have left before "Sparkler time" and I want as many people there as we can. Also, our venue closes at 9 and we'd (the Mr and I) like to stay as long as possible and enjoy our party.
With those options out the window I thought, well would it be weird if they tosses stuff at us as we come back down the aisle? I've never done it, but I know it's been done, right? RIGHT!


Now, I have no idea what they are throwing here, as I cannot read that teeny tiny print in the bottom corner, but I love it! I just love the way wider confetti like this falls, especially when they flutter in the air *swoon*. So far the only ecofriendly confetti I've found it much smaller, like this.


Which, I'll admit looks pretty cool.

So, that isn't a bad backup.

But, can you help a doggie out? Do you know where I can get wider ecofriendly confetti?
Are your guest tossing stuff? When and what?

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