Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Groom

Okay, now that you know what I'm wearing, it is time to show you what FH will be wearing.
We decided a while ago that because of our more casual venue, Mr Frenchie and his dudes are going to wear suits, instead of tuxes. Also, this way we could buy Mr Frenchie's suit and he can wear it again. We bounced around the idea of light colored suits, like khaki or light tan.

But, then I was told that "khaki is tacky"* and rather than fight it we decided to look at gray... and the more I thought about it the more I liked gray, especially with my dress.
Mr Frenchie went on the hunt for a gray suit and, all on his own, ended up on the ever popular J Crew Weddings site. Even though my parents gave him a gift card to Men's Warehouse for Christmas, we found the perfect suit at J Crew, so we'll probably end up buying him a nice shirt from MW and other work clothes. Here is the suit he found...
The Mr  is especially fond of the tie clip and tie square because it reminds him of the suits the guys on Mad Men wear, and he loves the style of their suits.
Notice the tie squares and tie clips.

*I don't think khaki is tacky, Mama Frenchie doesn't like the idea and there are somethings I choose not to fight her on. It just makes my life easier.

What will your groom be wearing? Did he go with a suit or a tux?

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