Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Want Birdies on My Cake too!

Ever since I saw The Penguins' cake topper, made by her friend Jenny Louwheeeeze, I've wanted birds on top of our cake!
The Frenchie's LOVE birds! Really what doggies don't? Mr Frenchie calls me his birdie and we quote that line from The Notebook all the time - "I'm a bird, if you're a bird."

I stalked several etsy shops, eyeing their birdie goodness and I decided recently it was probably about time I made a decision and ordered one because if I was going to custom order some birds I needed to give the artist enough time for her (or his) creative process.

Since, the best way to get the Mr's opinion on something is to send him my research. I put together a word document of all my favorites his choices and emailed it off.
Here are the birds it included...
1 - Karingrow's Mr & Mrs Lemondrop (we could get this one or order a custom one like it)
2 - Rain's End Custom Wedding Topper (Option 1)
3 - Rain's End Custom Wedding Topper (Option 2)

4 - SueBeeHB's Vintage Style (also one we could order or request a custom one)

5 - CornFlakeGirl Custom Wedding Topper
6 - CottonBirdDesigns Linen and Satin Love Birds (can also do a custom order)
7 - RedLightStudio Small hand painted Love Birds w/ Nest
Can you guess which one we chose? Which one would you choose?

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