Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm sorry I can't bring myself to refer to these as STD (shiver), so if I must abbreviate them, I choose STDI for Save The Date Invitation.

Now that I know the majority of our guests have received our Save The Dates, I am really excited to share them with you. Originally we were going to order postcards from Vista Print with a picture of FH and I in front of the Bernardo Winery sign. This didn't end up happening for a few reasons...
1 - We took HORRIBLE pictures the day we went down there.
2 - MOB still wanted to put them in an envelope because she was affraid some criminal would get ahold of our information and rob our house while we were all in San Diego. At first I thought she was paranoid, but I guess back when my mom and dad got married and it was more common to have your wedding announced in the paper, her neighbor's house was robbed (stealing all the wedding presents) while they were all at the wedding. My grandparents actually had someone watch their house when my mother and father were married.

3 - Our Friendor (and groomsman), Joe, had a much better idea :)

Mr Frenchie and I asked Joe to do our invitations on New Year's Eve this year and Joe hit the ground running, talking about letterpress and all the idea he had; we are all REALLY excited. After bouncing around a the idea of using my new Gocco, we decided to have them printed when Mama Frenchie gave us a 1 week deadline the week before my finals (thanks Mom). I was freaking out about getting them done by Mama Frenchie's deadline and Joe just got it done. So with out furture ado...


and the other side (I have no idea which is the front anad which is the back)...


Joe is my BFF since 4th grade (and BM)'s hubbers. He is an awesome graffic designer, along with being a great friend, husband to my BFF and father to the CUTEST kid EVER. If anyone is interested in hiring his talents you can contact me or go to his website.


Do you have any friendors? Have they saved the day?

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