Monday, April 20, 2009

How I knew it was coming...

Although my BFF's hubbers proposed to her before the two had discussed marriage, in this day and age I think it is rare that a couple would get engaged without the Bride knowing its coming. Among all my newly engaged friends 4 out of 4 couples had discussed getting married before becoming engaged. So, like them I knew it was coming...

Last June, on the hottest day I can remember, Mr Frenchie and I went were eating lunch at The Corner Bakery and trying to decide what to do for the day. To my delight Mr Frenchie asked if I'd like to go to Robin's Bros and look at rings. (UM YEAH!) Not to purchase, but just to give him an idea of what I liked, since I'd be wearing this the rest of my life.

I kinda threw him a bone and offered to first head over to the closest Auto Center and check out some new cars. Mr Frenchie had been talking about several new models he wanted to see in person and I wanted to check out the new VWs.

After looking at all those shiny things we went to Robin's Bros to look at these shiny things...

Dream Ring

When we arrived at Robin's Brothers it was a lot like the car dealerships. We were assigned a salelady and she waslked us around as I tried on rings. At first I tried on a bunch of pave rings and after seeing them on my hand I realized I didn't like pave. Boy am I glad the Mr suggested trying rings on first, because if had just shown him pictures, we would have ended up with something that looked more like costume jewelry (on my hand). Having seen what I liked and didn't our saleslady/ring specialist suggested the ring above and I FELL.IN.LOVE!

Now I just had to wait for Mr Frenchie to buy the ring and proposed. And wait I did, 5 LONG months.

How did you should your Mr what kind of ring you wanted? or did he do the ring search all on his own?

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