Monday, April 20, 2009

The First Date

Saturday, 02/18/06 was our first date. Mr Frenchie drove down to my house (about 45 min... notice how much driving the Mr drives on our first date) to pick me up at about noon. I remember what I wore: my favorite black skirt, my favorite red hoodie and my favorite black pumps. When I openeded the door I remember thinking - he was even more handsome in person :)

FH had scored some tickets to the the Harlem Globe Trotters at the Anaheim Pond (I don't care if Honda owns it now, I will always call it the Pond) so we drove 30 mins (back towards his place) talking and laughing with awkward first date conversation... at one point, since I had been staring at the water spots on his windshield for about 20 mins, I told him about these awesome things called windshield whipers, yep THAT sarcastic! He informed me that the sprinklers in his neighborhood leave hard water spots on his car...I'm surprised he asked me out again... I was a BRAT!

Once we were at The Pond - Mr Frenchie bought us yummy, yet pricey hot dogs and we took our seats. No offense to anyone who likes the Harlem Globe Trotters (or the Harlem Globe Trotters themselves) but it was BOR-RING! We both sat there talking bored by the "game" thinking - this is boring, does he/she think this is boring? Finally he asked me if I wanted to go and after the back and forth or - do you want to go? do you want to go? If you like it we'll stay? Do you like it? We decided we both we're fans and we left.

Next Mr Frenchie drove us to Marina Del Rey to get Starbucks and walk on the Pier. Walking to Starbucks we had to go down an itty bitty set of stairs and I tripped and fell on my rear in a tiny puddle. I was SO embarrassed, plus now I was bleeding & wet. Mr Frenchie apologized profusely for not catching me as I hobbled to the Starbucks bathroom to clean myself off. Once clean I was good as new and we took our yummy hot beverages for a walk on the pier. Never once was there an awkward lull in our conversation, we talked and talked until it was time for dinner. For dinner Mr Frenchie decided he HAD to take me an Italian place near his apt. called Angelo and Vinci's.

Angelo and Vinci's was a lot of fun and we orderd a HUGE lasagna pizza! I was impressed at how well he dealt with my diabetes, with testing my blood and injecting at the table. (Yes, I do this at the table, I've been diabetic for over 10 yrs now so it's not a big deal to me). By the time we finished diner and Mr Frenchie drove me home is was already 9pm.

FH & ! back at Angelo & Vinci's for our 1 yr Anniversary... I'm wearing the same thing I wore on our first date.

Was your first date as long and ours? Do you go back where you had your first date?

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