Monday, April 20, 2009

Oiu, aye


Before Mr Frenchie and I knew where or when we were getting married, we were able to answer at least one of the most popular questions being asked, "Where are you going on your honeymoon?" However, we always get mixed reactions to our answer - French Canada, more specifically Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa. Everyone says, "Oh that is nice" but only about 20% of them mean it. I don't know why most people have such a hard time with us not wanting to go to Hawaii or Tahiti? It's not like we have anything against those places, they look lovely and relaxing.


Us Frenchies just wanted to see and explore somewhere new on our honeymoon, and thought we could relax in a fancy hotel anywhere. Also you can't beat the price, since FH gets Marriott benefits and the dollar is worth more in Canada... YAY!

The Mr has been all over the World Wide Web searching for the best, cheapest and more efficient way to get us to Canada. Ultimately we discovered it was much cheaper, like half the cost, to fly into Vermot and drive across the border than to fly directly into Canada. We're good road trippers and are really looking forward to taking in the scenery, so the drive doesn't bother us.
Okay, now are you sitting down? The last week we booked our airfare and the entire airfare for our honeymoon is costing us $608.40! SIX HUNDRED EIGHT DOLLARS AND FORTY CENTS for both of us, TOTAL, roundtrip! And we're not going through Priceline or anything like that, we booked directly with the airline, which to me just feels safer when it comes to Airfare.

The funny thing is, who would have thought where we sit on the plane would become a 45min discussion? When I fly alone I like to sit in the Aisle, I'm only 5'2" so the little extra leg room isn't the main reason, I just don't like getting smooshed in with strangers. I'm pretty sure it stems from when my sister and I were little and our parents had season tickets to the Performing Art Center and the man with the ticket right next to us was rather large. Sister Franchie and I used to fight over who would have to sit next to him because part of him would take up about 1/3 of our chair. Now, when I go on the airplane, I'm always afraid of who is going to sit next to me... the guy whose "package" is apparently so big his legs need to be open so wide his leg is in the middle of my leg room, the one that smells, the little old lady who wants to talk to you the whole flight (where did I put my headphones?) or the overweight person who takes up my seat as well? I used to judge every person who walked down that aisle towards my seat a pray some of them weren't going to sit next to me. This is why I want the aisle, I have the row advantage. I can get out whenever I need to, I have a little extra leg room if Derk Diggler can't keep his legs in his area, you get the idea. I KNOW I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON... I'm going to Hell, okay, I've dealt with it.

Anyway I asked Mr Frenchie where he would want to sit, and of course he wants to sit on the aisle and as you've just learned I would also perfer the aisle. Its not like I thought the Mr would offer to sit in the middle I just wanted him to realize that when he sits in the aisle that sticks me in the middle. It's not like I'm going to sit across the aisle from in on our Honeymoon. He also, apparently, likes to sit near the lav... I don't mind sitting in the back, in fact I almost perfer it because less people want to so there is a greater chance of having no-one in the seat next to you, but I DON'T want to be right next to the bathroom - GROSS! Mr Frenchie doesn't want to have to walk down the aisle half way down the plane if he needs to use the facilities and I don't want all airplane congregating near my seat. WOW, wer're a little nerotic!
So, 45 mins after dicussing the layout of the 4 different flights we'll be taking (2 there and 2 back) with the help of Seat Guru and the seat selector on United's website we came to a compromise and we have seats. PHEW!

What little issues have you and your Mr come across as new things come up in your relationship?

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