Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Dress - Déjà vu

In Junior High and High School, my mom, sister and I were in an organization called National Charity League (NCL). At the end of your Senior year of high school NCL has something they (or our chapter) call Presents. This is like a Debutante Ball, where the Seniors are "Presented" to society. Its all very southern and I was looking forward to it the entire time I was in NCL. Presents is why some (read most) girls suffer through all the boring meetings. The Charity work we did was fun, but those dang monthly meetings, not so much.

Anyway, for Presents we all wore white dresses, basically wedding dresses. Of course we were given guidelines, like they couldn't be strapless and your straps had to be at least an inch thick etc. but to buy this dress I went to Bridal Salons in my area.
So I've kinda been wedding dress shopping before, I know what its like to try on white dress after white dress. I know the feeling of falling in love with a picture only to try it on and have your dress dreams crushed because it hangs on you horribly. I did this at the beginning of my search - I feel in love with tea length dresses with poofy skirts only to realize I'd look much better in a long dress that fit closer to my body with a bit of an A-line. Hello Miss Frenchie, the object is to try to make you look smaller not bigger! Anyway, so I don't bore you to tears, I will only tell you about my wedding dress search after I realized I wouldn't be a short dress bride.

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