Wednesday, April 22, 2009

As The Dress Twirls (Part 3)

One very raining morning Mama Frenchie, Sister Frenchie and I met BM F for my appointment with Lynn at Jinny's Bridal in Huntington Beach. Knowing in advance that Jinny's didn't have Anastasia, printed out a couple dresses I liked and brought them with me.
Casablanca 1831
Casablanca 1872
A dress that I didn't save the designer for (I'm sorry, please let me know, if you know whose this is)
and of course Anastasia, just in case.
Lynn immediately showed me a dress by Maggie Sottero that had been very popular and flattering on a couple brides in the past. I wasn't a HUGE fan of this dress, but I told Lynn I would try on anything and off we went. While Lynn helped me get into dress, Mama Frenchie, Sister Frenchie and BM F found more dresses for me to try on and checked out the BM dresses. At one point Mama Frenchie even found a dress for another bride in the salon.
Ultimately my favorite dress was the first dress Lynn had shown me - I loved the way it fit and how skinny it made me look. I tried on about 10 other dresses, but I kept coming back to THAT DRESS. Sister Frenchie and BM F really liked the dress, but Mama Frenchie didn't like it very much... because MOB really liked the dress that was discontinued and thought my new love was "too busy" and "too fancy" for my venue. So, to please her I tried on 2 more dresses which were pretty, but just weren't me. I really like the first dress.
Since Lynn had another appointment and I still had to get my deposit back from La Soie before I could purchase another dress, Lynn wrote down the tree top contenders and I planned to come back.

Did anyone in your entourage dislike your choice?

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