Friday, April 24, 2009

Frenchie's Five for Friday

When I started my personal blog I noticed a couple of lovely ladies (StefK & Mrs. Hummingbird) with this great idea for a wedding present. They wrote down reasons why they loved their fiance/husband and presented it to them on their wedding day. Roughly 28 weeks ago I started writing down 5 things I love about Mr Frenchie every Friday. I've decided to share a random 5 with you, every Friday, until our wedding and what better place then to start but with #s 1-5.

1 - You are my Peanut
2 - You don’t like video games
3 - New Thai food Thursdays
4 - You have cute dimples

See Dimples

5 - Even though you aren't a "pets guy", you like my dogs and BM F's dog (and your are even excited about getting our own dog now).

I'm not sure how I'm going to give this to Mr. Frenchie, but I'm thinking I'll copy Mrs Spring Roll and make a book.

What to do you love about your man?

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