Wednesday, April 22, 2009

As The Dress Twirls (Part 1)

Mama Frenchie and I decided to start our search at David's Bridal (that's right I linked to a wiki, not their website muahaha), because I just wanted to see what silhouettes looked best one me and hey if I fell in love with a dress there imagine the money we'd save :)

So one Sunday Mama Frenchie I went to our appointment at DB. Yes I made an appointment and yes, I TOTALLY recommend doing so, especially if you are going on a weekend - three girls came in without appointments after me and were repremanded and had to wait.

Lemme just run you thought my time at DB...
1 - I was told to wait near a podium for my bridal assistant, we'll call her BA
2 - BA told me to pick out a pair of shoes, perferably the height I was planning on wearing the day of. This is where I had my first "d'oh" momment because I totally meant to bring my own shoes.
3 - I gave BA the printed pages of the 3 dresses I was told to bring in with an idea of what I was looking for
4 - BA took me and 2 dresses to my dressing box, sorry it wan't big enough to call a room, but both Mama Frenchie and I managed to fit inside... somehow.
Sorry this was the best I could do alone in my box wait for my mom to bring back more dresses.

5 - I tried on the dresses and then hung out in the room in my bra and panties while my mom went to find BA and more dresses.
6 - BA and Mama Frenchie came back with about 12 dresses and put them ALL in the box! I found this odd, not only because THERE.WAS.NO.ROOM, but because I was told when I made my appointment I was only allowed to have 3 dresses in the box with me at a time.
7 - I tried on ALL those dresses and found two I acutally kinda liked. Now, I say kinda because they were okay, but nothing I would have bought. One dress was the right silhouette but that was it. I hated everything else and the other dress my mom loved, but I knew I could do better somewhere else.

Here is a HORRIBLE picture of me in the second dress crammed in my box :)
I cut off my head because Mame Frenchie took the picture mid smile and I look ridiculous!

I know tons of ladies have found beautiful dresses at DB. I wish I looked as lovely as Mrs Spring Roll, in her DB dress, but the picture above it the best DB could do for me, so it was time to move on.

* Piece of advise if you're thinking of going to DB - Make sure to check the box saying you don't want them to give your name, number and email address out (unless of course you do). I did this and I still received 12 spam emails from DB before I was able to unsubscribe, but at least I didn't emails and calls from anyone else.

Did you find your dress in the first store? or like me, did you have to keep looking?

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