Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rays of Sunshine

I knew from wedding planning day 1 that I wanted my ladies to wear yellow. Especially after our venue was chosen, I wanted to put them in a color that would POP against the green background of the winery's gazebo.

This was also about the time I nixed the color green from our color scheme. There was already so much green surrounding our venue, why would I add more?

So, with my yellow dress mission I hit the internet and started searching for tea-length, flowy, yellow dresses. Oh and I like it to be something they could wear again... I don't want too much.
My first stop was Watters...
Wtoo Style 512 - Sadly this one didn't come in yellow.

Wtoo Style 336 - Comes in yellow and a strong contender.

Watters Style 4331 - Perfect, comes in yellow, flowy, tea length and I would totally wear this again!

Watters Style 4417 - I even fell in love with this one and it wasn't light and flowy.

Next I looked at the very popular J Crew, but oddly they didn't have anything the piqued my interest, so I moved on.... to Jim Helm, more specifically this Spring 2009 collection.
Jim Helm Style JH5908 - Unfortunately doesn't come in yellow.

Jim Helm Style JH5909 - Also not in yellow :(

This is when I realized Jim didn't get my memo and he didn't have a much yellow to select from, especially not in any fabric I'd want my ladies to wear in August. So where did I go next?

Did you have trouble finding Bridesmaid dresses in the color you imagined?

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