Monday, April 20, 2009

"Where did I find you?"

When I do something weird or quirky, which I am known to do, Mr Frenchie just smiles and says, "Where did I find you?" To which I answer, "On the internet."

Yep, Mr Frenchie & I met on the internet, how very new millennium of us ;)
I guess I was never really turned off, or afraid of meeting someone on the internet because that was how I met my very first college boyfriend. He was a friend of a friend, we were set up online before we met. So in that case I didn't really "meet" him on the internet but I talked to him on the internet before I "met" him, makes sense? Internet dating didn't turn Mr Frenchie off either because when his parents re-married, after their divorce, they both met their new husband/wife using the personals in the newspaper.

Anyway so 3 years ago when my ex-boyfriend and I had broken up I decided to try Knowing there can be a LOT of freaks on the internet I went in with a plan. I wasn't going to date anyone who wasn't a college graduate or at least in college, they needed to be Christian or atleast open to Christianity because I was very involved in my church at the time and they needed to live fairly close. After a month and 4 first dates later I recieved an email from Mr Frenchie. I was immediately interested - he was cute (check), Christian (check), in college (check) and didn't live to far away (check). Mr Frenchie and I exchanged emails for a few weeks and one night, after we chatted on AIM, I was the one to give him my phone number... he was taking things a little too slow for my taste hahaha. 

How did you meet your Mr? Did you turn to the World Wide Web?

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