Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Frenchies Get Engaged

Mr Frenchie says he had my ring for THREE weeks before he proposed this past November... if you remember, our trip to Robin's Brothers took place in JUNE. I was getting really impatient and he held onto it for THREE WEEKS! If that wasn't tourch enough three friends of mine got engaged in those three weeks. Don't get me wrong I couldn't have been happier for them, they're my friends and they're with amazing guys, but yes, I was jealous. Like 98% happy, 2% jealous, you know what I mean? Come on, we looked at rings in June and he had yet to propose by November.
So, when Mr Frenchie checked to make sure we had nothing going on one Saturday, I had a feeling is was finally going to happen. The night before I even tested the waters... we were leaving dinner and couldn't figure out what to do next, so I suggested we go to The Montage. "Going to the Montage" for us means going to the public beach behind the Montage, where the resort landscaped up to the cliff and put out benches for people to sit on and enjoy the view. We used to go here all the time when we first started dating.


Mr Frenchie fell right into my trap and said he thought we could go there tomorrow night (Saturday). I was totally on to him at this point, but I didn't want him to know, or jinx it, so I just said, "yeah, I don't have a jacket anyway, that sounds like a good idea." We ended up renting movies and going back to my house.
Saturday Morning I woke-up and, got read. Like READY READY, you know - really got ready - like toe nail polish, exfoliated and everything. I called Mr Frenchie on the way to Tall Mouse to run a errand and I found out later this was when he took to opportunity to call my dad, no chance on me answering the phone if I'm not home.
After Tall Mouse Mr Frenchie took me to breakfast, I've been telling him I need to take him to Dana Point Harbor to get bagels. The bagel shop there has the best bagels, and for a guy who didn't eat bagels a few months ago, he went all in and got a Harbor Special with Lox. (A Harbor Special is a toasted bagel with tomatoes, red onions and lemon pepper - SO GOOD). This was such a momentous occasion I had to take a picture.


After the Harbor we pretty much wasted time until dinner, got his car washed (because some birds attacked it at the harbor) and we looked at watches at the mall.
For dinner, Mr Frenchie took me to our favorite restaurant, Park Ave, in Stanton, CA. (You may remember this as a wedding venue option). We sat at the bar (our usual spot) and had some yummy dirty martinis and THE BEST BURGER. It was perfectly "us".
After dinner, Mr Frenchie drove us to the Montage. Walking to our bench I was so nervous, most likley not as nervous as Mr Frenchie, but my heart was pounding. We sat on a our bench for a while when he made an excuse to stand up - he tried tickling my feet and went I jerked my very ticklish feet out of the way he stood up to chase them, then he stood there for awhile and because I wan nervous I asked him why he was standing...stupid, stupid, stupid :-/ so he sat back down. We talked a little longer and her made another excuse to standup and this time he got down on his knee and proposed! OF COURSE I said, "YES!"

We took about 10  pictures trying to get a good one and this was the best we could do. Wow, I must really like you guys to post this on the internet.

Did you sense your proposal coming? or was is a complete surprise?

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