Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Shower fit for a "Cherri"

I recieved my first shower invitation in the mail!

My first thought, after Ahhh! This is getting real, was, "How frickin' cute is this invitation?" The answer: "SO CUTE!"
My invitation was made especially for me and my love of Cherries. 



How cute is the the fruit themidness (what? that's a word)! Apparently the other guests received invites featuring other fruits. My mom and sister's was strawberry, one friend's was citrus and another sent be a picture of her watermelon invite.

I am blown away with the amount of work she put into this shower already. BM F (the door watcher) went all out on these and rumor has it the fruity goodness doesn't stop there. All the food and favors will be fruit themed as well! I CAN'T WAIT! 

Okay, so here's the question... What are you giving your shower throwers (technical term)? I wandtthe get a gift that shows how grateful I am for all the time and effort she (and the others) put into throwing me this shower. Suggestions PLEASE!

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