Thursday, May 14, 2009

Madison or Anna II?

On our first trip to Macy's to register Mr Frenchie and I decided not to register for China, but to get a nice set of everyday plates. We didn't want to not get things we really needed, like everyday plates and a vacuum, because our guests decided to get us china. We decided on a casual china line by Wedgewood called "Eternity".
From the start we've known we wanted plain white plates, you know something that will go with anything, no matter what the theme... because we're always thinking "would this work for entertaining?"
After talking to Mama Frenchie, she convinced us (and I'm glad she did) that we needed Fancy China. Yes, we probably wont get the whole she-bang for our wedding, but this is something we can add on to over the years. So, back to Macy's we went one afternoon, just to find a china pattern.
FH liked the more eleborate patterns and I like the more simple patterns and somehow we ended up with a great compromise (at a reasonable price), with the Federal Platinum pattern by Lenox.
The very helpful, Bonnie, in the Bridal Department at the Macy's Home store at South Coast Plaza also pointed out to us that this pattern lended itself nicely to incorporating accent plates from other patterns. Such as these two from Kate Spade:
1 - Larabee Road
2 - June Lane

I'm leaning towards Larabee Road.

Now that we had "fancy china" we didn't need to spend (or ask our guest to spend) that much on everyday china, now did we?

Luckily we'll find any excuse we can to walk around Crate & Barrel with "the gun" and found ourselves there the following weekend. On this trip we decided on the Madison dinnerware line. We liked Madison for a couple reasons: 1) it's white; 2) it is cheaper than the Wedgewood; 3) it's not made in China (Mr Frenchie has been making an effort not to register for too many items made outside the US, especially in China) and 4) we liked it.
(Pssst... over here! This actually made me happier because, and this is between you and me, I never really liked the Wedgewood. What? it had weird Ws on it.)

So, done right? Wrong. This past weekend Mr Frenchie and I found ourselves at our favorite, Crate & Barrel, once again. We walked past the dinnerware and Mr Frenchie said he wanted to switch to these plates called Anna II.
The Mr scanned one of the plates and I went online this morning and swiched everything from Madison over to Anna II. Of course afterI switched them all over I noticed - these plates are pricey! Not super pricey, but pricer than the Madison plates. So, if we don't have a strong feeling one way or the other, shouldn't we go with the least expensive plate? I've left the decision up to Mr Frenchie.

Have you changed a an item on your registry more than once? Can you not put-the-gun-down?

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