Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flowers: Take 2

Remember my post full of flower over-stimulation? This weekend the French Bulldog Clan (Mr Frenchie, Mama Frenchie, MOH/Sister Frenchie and I) is going to the winery for the cake testing (more on that to come) and our florist, Joyce, is going to have a mock-up of our centerpieces for us. Turns out is will look a lot less like this...

and a little more like this...

*Sigh* I've been absolutely IN LOVE with that daisy ball centerpiece from Amanda Auer and The Treasured Petal in a saw it on EAD Weddings in December, but I cannot justify the almost $25 more a centerpiece price tag. So I am happily and voluntarily (Mama Frenchie offered for the daisy ball) turning to option #2.
I've had a little crush on this style since Mr Frenchi and I went to his Step Brother's wedding almost 3 years ago. FSIL Frenchie won our centerpiece, but because I liked it so much she let me have it.

Photo by Me

I still have the base and use it to arrange gerber daisies all the time. However since we won't be using votives on the table our arrangement will need to a bit larger. I hoping we can do this by using globe vases...

This also give the round shape I liked from the Daisy centerpiece. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Joyce has put together.

What have you scaled back on in the interest of saving money?

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