Wednesday, May 20, 2009

But For Now

When Mr Frenchi and I first started dating "our song" was The Girl from Ipanema, interesting I know, but it seemed to follow us wherever we went.

Knowing that song would be an interesting first dance song, we talked on and off about our others options and always came back to something by Michael Buble or Jamie Cullum. Mr Frenchi said they reminded him of me because we listened to them a lot at the beginning of our relationship and I liked them because we used to dance to them in his apartment. I was suprised at how easily we narrowed down our choices to one song with so many great tunes to choose from. I think the conversation went something like this:
Me: Which song should we do?
Mr: I was listening to Jamie Cullum's yesterday and I really like that "let me say I love you song"
Me: Oh, "But For Now"? Yeah, that sounds good.

Ta-Da! We have a song!

"But For Now"
by Jamie Cullum

Sure I know you'd like to have me
Talk about my future
And a million words or so to fill you in about my past
Have I sisters or a brother
When's my birthday how's my mother
Well my dear in time I'll answer all those things you ask

But for now I'll just say I love you
Nothing more seems important somehow
And tomorrow can wait come whatever
Let me love you forever but right now
Right now

Some fine day when we go walking
We'll take time for idle talking
Sharing every feeling as we watch each other smile
I'll hold your hand you'll hold my hand
We'll say things we never had planned
Then we'll get to know each other in a little while

But for now let me say I love you
Later on there'll be time for so much more
But for now meaning now and forever
Let me kiss you my darling then once more
Once more

But for now let me say I love you
Later on I must know much more of you
But for now here and now how I love you
As you are in my arms I love you
I love you
I love you

What is your first dance song? Was it an easy or hard choice?

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