Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things Seem to Sort Themselves Out

This past weekend was another hot one here in Southern California. The weather had been lovely all week. On my birthday, it was perfect - sunny with a nice breeze. Mama Frenchie bought be a coral 3/4 sweater to wear with my white skirt, for my second shower on Saturday, and it seemed like the perfect outfit. That was until I woke-up and Saturday morning and it.was.summer. I don't know why the heat surprises me every year, but it kinda sneaks up on me. Surprise! It's Summer! and!

There was no way I could go all afternoon in a sweater, no matter how pretty. I was already sweating in the shorts and t-shirt I had slept in. I went through my closet, but nothing felt appropriate for a bride to wear to her shower. It looks like something I would wear as a guest, not the guest of honor.

Sister Frenchie told me that White House/Black Market was having a big sale. Um Hello - I love White House/Black Market! And, Who doesn't love a sale? I figured I would drive over and try on every white dress in the store, if something didn't work I would wear and skirt/shirt combo I had managed to pull together.

White House/Black Market only had 2 white dresses in my size. TWO, those are not good odds! The first dress I tried on would have been great if I didn't have a short torso, or I had the time to have the shoulders taken in about an inch.

I loved how light the fabric was and that I would definitely wear a bra with straps. The second (or other) dress I tried on was strapless, luckily I thought ahead, and wore my strapless bra so I wouldn't have to guess if it would work.

I'm not gonna lie, it was a little tight in the boobal area (chestal region). I asked the sales lady if I could try it on in a bigger size, but she told me because of the fabric, most people bring this dress back because it stretches out. Ummm, but will is stretch out in the next 2 hours? I'm wearing this dress at 2pm. I took her advise and bought the dress. When I got home a put the dress on again without a bra, added the straps and it worked MUCH better, YAY!

Here I am at the shower with Mama Frenchie*, Auntie S and BM J.

A Special Thank you to Mrs Cupcake for letting my borrow her Twigs and Honey Flower! It was so pretty, I couldn't wait 'til the wedding to wear it :)

Okay, so here's the best part - I got so many compliments on my new white dress that I decided to bring it was a back-up on the day of the wedding. If the weekend of our wedding is another hot one, I know I can easily change into this dress.

Have you ever had to run to the mall for a wedding fashion emergency?

* Don't ask me how Mama Frenchi made it the whole day in that jacket... I think it was linen.

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