Monday, July 6, 2009

52 Xtra Long

I heard this nasty rumor when we first started planning our wedding, that you could rent suits at Men's Warehouse. I had this vision of Mr Frenchie in a charcoal gray suit and his dudes in a lighter gray. It all looked so pretty in my head. Guess what? You CANNOT rent suits from Men's Warehouse, it is NOT that easy. After looking around, it looked like if we were going to have all the groomsmen in matching suits, they were going to have to be purchased.
Why is it so unheard of for groomsmen to purchase their bridal party outfit? Bridesmaids don't rent their dresses, why should the groomsmen get off so easy?
As if finding gray suits for groomsmen wasn't hard enough, one of our groomsmen is a 52 extra long. Luckily for me however, my 52 XL made it his job to find a gray suit that everyone could wear. After searching high and low, and ordering a suit only to find out 2 weeks later it only comes in navy blue, we put the great gray suit search to bed this weekend. Thanks to my 52 XLs persistance and Men's Warehouse's Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal, 3 groomsmen and FFIL Frenchie, all purchased gray suits this past weekend. PHEW!

On Thursday night we were in a bit of a panic when we couldn't find a forth person to go in on the suit deal. Groomsman 52XL and Mr Frenchie were calling anyone who might need a suit. Luckily FFIL Frenchie hadn't purchased a suit in several years and was wondering what he was going to wear to the wedding. I'm so happy it all came together and that is one less thing I need to worry about.

Are/did your groomsmen purchase their outfit?

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