Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine's Day Swap 2010 FAQ

1 - How do I join the Weddingbee Group? Once you've created your account (directions here), select the 'Group' tab in the top right corner. Search "Weddingbee" and click to view. The option to join will be in the top right corner under where you found the 'Group' tab.

2 - I've joined the WB Group, how to I join the swap? Once you've joined the group, you have not automatically joined the swap. Under 'Group Swaps' click 'WB Valentine Swap 2010'.

At the bottom of the grey business about the swap there are two options - 1) 'Join Swap' or 2) 'Watch Swap' - You want to 'Join'... come on it will be fun, everyone's doing it ;-)

3 - When will I get my addresses?
The last day to join is this Friday, Jan 29th. After that day I will be notified by Swap-bot to assign everyone's swap partners. I do not personally pick who swaps with who, but as the Swap Coordinator I push the magic button. You should get your addresses by Saturday.

4 - Is says cards, can I mail something bigger? Um, YEAH! Last year I got a padded envelope of goodies - stickers, candy etc. You can send cookies if you want! We just don't want everyone to feel they need to do that. The cards I received last year were just as lovely and I could someone put a lot of thought into them.

Please note... Once the swap closes on Friday (Jan 29th) we cannot add or delete participants. So , please don't join unless you're sure you can participate. It would stink for the person who mailed out 3 Valentines and didn't get three in the mail.

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