Friday, January 8, 2010

Frenchie Kisses: The Big 'Oops'

Okay so, we left off here...

Mr Frenchie and I were just announced, YAY!

Our (actually mine, who am I kidding?) plan was for everyone to sing 'Prayer for the Road'.
The church I've attended since age 7, started singing this song at the end of every service when I was in Jr High. Plus, when I went to Scotland 7 years ago with the church choir we sang this at the end of every performance. As you can see this song has special meaning to me, so I really wanted to sing it at the end of our wedding ceremony. The plan was to sing the song standing up front and then at the "Amen" part, Mr Frenchie and I would walk back down the aisle while our guest tossed rose petals at us. Sounds good, right?

Well, it didn't quite work out that way. When the music started no-one sang, the band didn't have an intro to say, "Hey we're gonna sing a song here people. It goes a little something like this." I thought because about half our guests attended the same church they'd catch on a lead, but that didn't happen.

I looked at Mama Frenchie like, "What are we gonna do?" and she just started singing the song (now about halfway finished), everyone else caught on, and we went on with the show.

At first I was totally bummed the song didn't work out, but then I realized no-one really cared but me and I moved on. Mainly, I was just so excited the toss worked and we were married!

After the ceremony we spent a little time just us letting it all soak in. We had to take pictures immediately following the ceremony, so we didn't get to go off to a room and send sometime together like I would have liked. But our friends were really respectful and didn't bother us off in our little corner for a few minutes.

Are you planning on having some time alone right after your ceremony?

Up Next: Family Portraits or Details? You tell me.

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***Note: All photos, unless otherwise noted, are by the fabulously talented, and super awesome to know, Ohana Photographers***

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