Friday, January 22, 2010

Cancelled SD Meet-up = SD/OC Meet-up in SD

Hive Hostess, LatteLove, and I have been Tweeting about turning the cancelled San Diego meet-up into an SD & OC Bee Meet-up! This time the OC (or at least me) will come to San Diego :)

The new meet-up is Saturday, February 6th at the Pacifica Del Mar's Breeze Cafe.

Mr Frenchie and I LOVE this place so much we tried to have our rehearsal dinner here and our wedding across the street at L'Auberge Del Mar. Anyway, we're hoping everyone from the cancelled meet-up can make, as well as those that couldn't.

Hop over to the SD local boards and let us know what time works best! 11? 12? 1? Will you go shopping with me after? I've seen Louby's on sale there before! There are TWO White House/Black Markets!

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