Friday, August 7, 2009

Perfect and Simple

Perfect and Simple are the two words I would use to describe my wedding band.

I had a hard time finding the perfect wedding band to match the gorgeous ring Mr Frenchie gave me when he proposed. James Allen, has a band that matches the ring perfectly, but it just wasn't my style. I found it to blingy and I thought all the little diamonds overshadowed the beautiful center stone Mr Frenchie looked so hard to find.

I toyed with the idea of having just a plain white gold band, but I really wanted a little bit of bling on my wedding band. Elsa Peretti makes a ring for Tiffan & Co., that is a simple band with a single tiny diamond set inside.
Mr Frenchie and I went to Tiffany & Co. one day to check out the ring, but unfortunately it only came in platinum or sterling silver. I really wanted my rings to be from the same metals, so they aged similarly, so that was out.

I searched around Blue Nile, Robins Bros etc and got so discouraged I pretty much gave up for awhile. Until, Miss Stiletto blogged about Michael C. Fina and I saw this ring.

It was perfect, simple, yet still had some bling. I had to have it. Since this band was not available for online sale I decided to try and find the ring somewhere else.

Where did I turn, but Etsy of course. Searching around Etsy I came across seller singleBbeautiful. I fell in love with having a custom ring and loved that she used recycled metals and only conflict free diamonds. Justine, had this ring in her shop for just the right price, so I emailed her.

I made sure that I could get the ring in my odd 6.75 size, the width of the ring wouldn't be bigger than my engagement ring and it would be made in white gold. Justine, got back to me right away and answered all my questions. I bought/ordered the ring the same day I discovered it.

Yesterday, when I got home my ring had arrived. YAY! Of course, I had to try it on to make sure it fit (and take pictures for all of you)!
In the box... I'm going to miss that bedspread when I move in with Mr Frenchie

On my finger - I'm going to leave the better pictures to the pros.

I even wore it when I went to pick-up our dinner at Pick Up Stix because I knew I would have to part with it as soon as I saw Mr. Frenchie.

For now my ring is safely with Mr Frenchie in our new apartment... so I can visit it when he's in the bathroom, I guess.

Did your engagement ring make finding your wedding band more difficult?

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