Thursday, September 3, 2009

Frenchiemoon: Sheldon's Adventures

Hi Hive, I'm back! Mr Frenchie and I got back from our fabulous honeymoon Wednesday night and we're already back at work (but only for 2 days, thank God). I'm trying to catch up on work in the office, but I can't stay away from Weddingbee. Like many married Bees before me, I'm waiting for my Pro photos to recap our wedding. In the meantime I have a few last minute projects to fill you in on and a honeymoon to talk about :)

I forget where I saw this, but I read about a couple that brought a tiny stuffed animal with them when they traveled and took it's picture along the way. I told Mr Frenchie about it and we thought it would be fun to bring the desk gnome, I bought him a few years ago, along on our travels.

I bring you Sheldon's Adventures...
Sheldon, stretching his legs on our layover at Dulles International Airport. Traveling can be cramped in my tote bag.

Here, Sheldon is claiming first dibs on the Keurig coffee machine in our room at The Essex in Vermont.
San Diego based, Stone Brewery, was coming to The Essex for a brew and food pairing! Sheldon could not get over the coincidence.

Enjoying the bustle of the streets in Vieux Quebec at dinner our first night in French Canada.

Sheldon posing with a souvenir from our cheapest meal in Cananda at L'omelette.

Don't worry, he wasn't going to jump! Sheldon, is just admiring the view of Old Montreal from our hotel room.

Sheldon was totally stuffed after burgers at Harvey's. He may have gone a little overboard on his toppings.

Celebrating Mr Frenchie's 29th birthday overlooking Ottawa at Merlot Rooftop Grill. Sheldon, felt a tad undressed that evening.

Sheldon, finally, got to see a Keurig in action in Ottawa. We need to get on of these for Mr Frenchie's desk!

Celebrating our early return back to Vermont (from Ottawa... why did we leave early? You'll have to wait to find out)! Sheldon was most excited to try the Stout at Vermont Pub and Brewery.

Perhaps, a bit too excited... but don't worry, he wasn't driving.

Our last day in Vermot, Sheldon enjoyed a lunch cruise on Lake Champlain aboard The Spirit of Ethan Allen 3. Sadly there were no Champ sightings, but there was a buffet.

Sheldon is too white for the flash, after being picked up from the airport by GM B. Not honeymooning on a beach really hinders your tanning.

So, now you have a sneak peek at our honeymoon (or the Frenchiemoon) and you know all about our crazy new traveling tradition.

Have you and your Mr started any fun traditions?

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