Thursday, November 4, 2010

Frenchie Kisses: The Tosses

With everyone gathered in the same location happily eating cake we decided it was time to toss some stuff. For the garter toss Mr Frenchie chose the Pink Panther theme song, by Henry Mancini.

Mr Frenchie is a big Henry Mancini fan and the Pink Panther album was one of the first CDs he burned for me. We thought it was a great garter toss song without being too trashy.

I’m really ticklish so my facial expressions from Mr Frenchie getting the garter are pretty funny!

Mr Frenchie’s groomsman, Jeremiah, caught the garter.


He stayed true to the tradition and proposed to his girlfriend Tiffany, this past February. Mr Frencie and I are honored to be members of their wedding party.


For the bouquet toss, I chose Clumsy, by Fergie. No real significance other than I think the song and I thought there might be some “Trippin’” and “Stumblin’” to get at the bouquet ;-)

When we were trying to decide whether or not to do the toss, I tried to add up how many ladies I thought would participate.

I grossly under estimated how many ladies would tell me I had to throw it to them. I didn’t want to throw the toss (hardy har) but I thought I’d aim in Tiffany’s (Jeremiah’s girlfriend) direction.

You can see Lindsay (groomsman, Brandon’s wife) coaxing Tiffany into position, on the right of the picture above and below.

However, after all my single friends came up to me separately through out the night scheming to get the bouquet tossed in their direction, (*coughChristianne(front and center)cough*) I chose to just close my eyes and toss.


The next set of pictures are among my favorites of the night. When I threw the bouquet, I tossed it too high and it hit the ceiling, sending it straight to Erin and Christianne.


Both of them put up a good fight.

The guests look shocked and worried… who’s going to win?


With only one hand left on the prize, Christianne appears to be losing the tug-o-war…

.. and Erin wins the bouquet!

Having caught the bouquet at a wedding before, I know that feeling! I love Erin’s smile :)

Are you having a garter and bouquet toss are your wedding?

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***Note: All photos, unless otherwise noted, are by the fabulously talented, and super awesome to know, Ohana Photographers***

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