Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frenchie Kisses: … and then there was cake!

After dinner, mingling and other wedding reception type things it was time for cake.

When we started planning our wedding I saw a picture of a cake buffet and fell in love. I wanted a cake buffet. I loved the look and also liked that it meant I could have several cake flavors.

Our baker had an amazing book filled with amazing she’d made for other weddings. I hope she wasn’t disappointed with how simple we wanted our cakes decorated, but I had a vision, you know?

We had three different flavors: champagne with champagne buttercream icing, almond with raspberry filling and almond buttercream icing, and chocolate with chocolate mousse filing and chocolate buttercream icing. Our favorite was the champagne and that is what we chose to cut into for out cake cutting.

We chose to cut out favorite flavor, Champagne, for our cake cutting. The top and bottom tier of the main cake were supposed to be the champagne flavor. We didn’t want to cut the top layer because we wanted to save it for our first anniversary. That meant we had to slice into the bottom tier, which was much easier in theory, but we managed ;-) Heck, when there is cake involved, I’ll make it work.

We cut and served the cake with the same silver cake server my parents used at their wedding.

Mr Frenchie is lactose intolerant and had run out of Lactaid pills at lunch, right before the wedding. Since, his meal was dairy-free he hadn’t run into any issues until it was time to eat cake with buttercream frosting. I had to try hard to get him a piece of just cake. I ended up serving him a teeny tiny piece and he gave me this HUGE bite. I kept telling him to make it smaller, which I’m sure looked funny to our guests.
While our caterer sliced the cake for our guest, we took the opportunity to thank everyone for coming and say a special thank you to my parent’s for throwing us such a wonderful wedding.
Our champagne glasses were from a set we found at Mr Frenchie’s Grandmother’s house. She past away before I was able to meet her, but about a month before the wedding Mr Frenchie and I drove out the her house to pick up a few things. FIL Frenchie told us we could have anything from the house that we wanted and I knew those glasses would be perfect when I spotted them.

FIL Frenchie was very happy we found someway to incorporate her into our wedding day.

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***Note: All photos, unless otherwise noted, are by the fabulously talented, and super awesome to know, Ohana Photographers***

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