Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Secret Life of Bees: French Bulldog Edition

I wasn’t a Bee yet, when this series started, but I planned on applying and hoped they would bring it back because I really wanted to participate. I don’t even have any fun secret-y type things to tell you all. Seriously, I sat in front my computer screen for awhile trying to think of funny or interesting thing about me and this is all I could think of… I need to get out more.

1 – When I find an article of clothing I really like I buy a bunch of them and wear the crap out of it. In college it was overalls (What? It was technically still the 90’s), after that hoodies, and now cardigans. I’ve also recently re-discovered tights, so if Spring doesn’t happen soon, I may have another addiction on my hands.

2 – When I see a street with my name on it, I insist on taking my picture with the sign.AllisonStreets
The picture on the left was taken about 5 years ago on a girls trip to Napa for a good friends Bachelorette party. I was the DD that afternoon, so when I saw the street sign, I pulled the SUV over and made my drunk friends take my picture. I believe there is also a video of me jumping up and down, yelling “It’s my street! It’s my street!” The picture on the left was taken a few months ago in San Diego. Mr Frenchie and I were driving around neighborhoods so see which ones we’d live in & I spotted this sign when we stopped for lunch. We got several really weird looks as I was posing on the street corner.

*Note: In the picture on the left I’m wearing a hoodie (my favorite one) and in the picture on the right I’m wearing a cardigan… I own that one in 3 different colors.

3 – I am OBSESSED with the television show Friends. I have every episode on DVD, thanks to Mr Frenchie who gave them to me for our first Christmas. Pretty much everything in life reminds me of an episode of Friends. For example, I cannot hear about Yemen without thinking of the time Chandler pretended to move to Yemen to get away from Janice.


4 – Mr Frenchie & I don’t have cable (or a dish). We watch all our TV online via Hulu or Netflix. For the longest time Papa Frenchie thought we’d crowd around our computer screen to watch LOST with our friends every week and would politely decline our invites for LOST parties. He was relieved to find out we have a computer hooked-up to our television.

5 – It wasn’t until 2010 that I owned a Nintendo NES!

Growing up my mom wouldn’t let me sister and I have video games because she wanted us to go play outside. Mama Frenchie bought us (Mr Frenchie & I) a Wii for Christmas 2009, which prompted Mr Frenchie to research and buy a refurbished Nintendo NES. I cannot tell you how excited I was to have my very own game of Tetris.

6 – I had my tongue pierced a month into my freshman year of college. Which less scandalous than the tattoo I really wanted and I think it freaked Mama Frenchie out a little less. I managed to hide it from my parents 1 week after it was pierced, at Parent’s weekend and all the way to Christmas break when a friend of our family spilled the beans at a church party. She had accidentally caught a glimpse of the piercing a few months prior when I visited her store to see a friend. She thought my parents knew and started talking about it with my Mom. I think Mama Frenchie was more embarrassed that her friend knew, than mad a me for getting it pierced. Two years later I lost one of the balls trying to freak my roomate out & decided it was time to take it out. You’d think Mama Frenchie would have been excited to see it gone, but instead she got mad at me for sticking my tongue out at her :-P

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